Older stuff

Just in case you want to go waaaayyy back to the beginning and pretend that you were stalking me all along…


  1. Mistress,
    Your articles are very good but a man has to see
    You….How cum You don’t have pictures?
    Respectfully Humbly Your servant/sub

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying my writing, however I have to disagree with you. A man doesn’t *have* to see me at all. He may *want* to, but, well, I guess that’s just too bad.

      If you want pretty pictures, though, look, *there’s the internet!*


  2. I swear I love that picture on this page and the quote. Everytime I click on your older stuff section I have to stop and look at that picture…so I thought it only right to take a moment and say how much I LOVE that picture and the quote!!!

    “He doesn’t quite realise the power he has, he makes me weak with desire, renders me helpless with want. My need to own, control, tear apart his very soul completely undoes me.”

    ~sighs and melts~