Ok, now I am a twit… really…

I suspect it won’t last long, I suspect that I will get bored within a day or two of tweeting stupid stuff and having no idea how it works.

There will be no “I iz having teh hawt sex wth tiedupnakedguy, kthxbai…” either.

Just sayin’. 

The twitter feed and link are over there on the right in the sidebar, but for those of you who are too damn lazy to click over there (really?!), I have put a button right here… see…?  Clickety click…

Follow Ferns__ on Twitter

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Kissing play parties

People go to play parties and hit strangers with implements…

I would rather go to a play party, find some beautiful boy with a stunning, full lipped, ‘hurt me’ mouth and a shy demeanour, shove him into a corner and just make out like he is the last drink of water in the desert. To build it up excruciatingly slowly so he doesn’t see the violence coming, to make his lips bleed and his eyes run with the ferocity of it and then tenderly make it better with impossible softness and innocent bobbi-sox kisses behind the bleachers before I open … Continue Reading

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Sex as reward

I don’t get the ‘sex as reward’ thing.

  • He has to *earn* the right to touch me
  • If he is well behaved, I *may* allow him to lick me
  • When he has done x, y and z for me, then I will have sex with him
  • IF he has gone above and beyond, I will deign to give him a blow job

It paints Dommes as sex-negative puritanical women who reluctantly ‘endure’ sexual activity because he ‘deserves’ it or has ‘earned’ it, so we have to ‘give it up’ as something ‘for him’. What?!!

It’s sex as a commodity in … Continue Reading

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Welcome to my new home!

I am anxiously looking around, touching parts of the blog, clicking things, checking and double checking…

Let me show you around…

  • In the right sidebar is the button to get the RSS feed… click it, click it, CLICK ITCLICKIT!!!!
  • I have added buttons so you can share my posts (see below… pretty!)
  • I have added sections at the top… the first new one is About Me, because of course it’s all about me
  • Other than that, the furniture is comfortable, well worn and slightly stained (sorry about that…!), so make yourself at home

If you come across … Continue Reading

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Change of address… really now…

Later today, I am going to move the blog… eeekkk!!!

For those of you whose feeds do not update, or who are ‘following’ the blog, this may be the last post you see from me in your reader until you update the feed from the new site.

So if you are looking for me, by the end of today, the 27th December, I will be here:

Anyone using the old blogspot address should be redirected automatically.

See you over there, it will look just like it does here… kind of dull really…

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My sent emails VI

Hello EmailSpamBoy,

Your email triggered this warning from the site administration:

*** The sender of this message has triggered our bulk content filter and has been prevented from sending additional messages at this time. We place these limits on our messaging system to prevent abuse and maintain the quality of our online community. You should not conclude that this user is fake or illegitimate merely because they have triggered the filter. ***

I conclude from this that your fascinating introductory email has been spammed to every female on this site.

So, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

That was a … Continue Reading

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Christmas Move

A very un-PC Merry Christmas everyone, and a huge thank you to all of you who have become part of my little corner of the internet. To all of you who have shared so generously with me by reading, with comments that have been encouraging and funny and hot, with emails that have provided me with food for thought and space to rant, I wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday.

In the next few days, I will be moving this blog to my own domain.

Exciting!! And scary!

I have exhaustively tested what the impact will be, … Continue Reading

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