I bought all the dicks!!

Today I ordered a bag of dicks *laugh* (seriously, am I 13 years old that I am sniggering at that?).

If you hurry, you can get some too – Tantus grab bag: wonderful quality and super cheap for 72 hours. Go!!
Edited to add: The sale is over now. You can still click the link above and find some bargains, but no longer the super duper bargains I was pimping.

I bought these:

This purchasing frenzy is completely divorced from the fact that I have no-one to use them on, or with.

I’m funny with sex toys because I … Continue Reading

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My personal ad is an energy sinkhole

I’ve already talked about how I’m an introvert and what that means for me.

Funnily, online interactions don’t sap my energy in the same way that real life ones do. I assume it’s related to the fact that I have total control over them. I get to choose who I interact with, how, when, the duration, and about what. This makes me happy because I get personal, social and community interaction on my terms and that works great for me.

Here’s a strange thing though.

I have found the process of talking to respondents to my personal ad utterly … Continue Reading

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Sleeping together

I don’t sleep well with another in my bed. I don’t sleep well at all for the most part. This tenuous relationship with sleep makes it precious, sacrosanct. There are few things more irritating than having my sleep interfered with.

I need to feel very comfortable with someone to want them in my bed, and if I don’t have that level of comfort, I don’t share well. I will lie there restless, unable to relax, hyper-aware that they are *just there*.

I let bambi fall asleep in my bed one night when he was here. We had played for some … Continue Reading

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Blending D/s and vanilla

This cracker of a question was asked by someone on my Ask Me page all anonymous-like:

What is the best advice you can give to a new Domme? I’m feeling uncertain about how to blend the vanilla and the D/s in a new relationship.

It’s tough not only to be figuring out yourself and your needs but learning someone else’s, too! And yet difficult to separate the two.

It can be really tough, yes!!

I have a few posts that I have categorised as ‘Advice for Dommes‘, so please take a look at those for random snippets. This … Continue Reading

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He’s just not that into you

You know what I liked about that movie? It gave us a short, easy phrase to explain this oh-so-simple concept.

And it really *is* simple.

Let me preface this with ‘in my experience’…

Men who are interested in you will move heaven and earth to be with you. They will.

They will be thinking about you as they go about their day, they will make you a priority, they will consider your feelings, they will work to make you happy, they will be clear if they are unavoidably busy for a while, even then they will still make time … Continue Reading

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First lesbian love

My first love was a woman, well, a girl really.

I was 17, she was a year ahead of me at school. She was fun and hilarious and street-smart in a way I wasn’t. An athlete, with that long-limbed lithe body that young athletes have. Full of that kind of careless body confidence that comes from knowing what those limbs and muscles are capable of, and a self awareness that results in a loping casual stride that says ‘don’t give a fuck’.

She was beautiful. Stunning. Perfect.

I can’t remember how or why it happened, really, but she started to … Continue Reading

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Personal ad update

I posted my personal ad a while ago.

I’m dying to write about what’s going on in excruciating detail. Itchy fingers!!

But I can’t. Not yet. Ha!

Stupid not-really-anonymous blog.

I WILL say, though, that Collarme.com actually worked okay. By that I mean that the number and quality of respondents that I got there was unexpectedly high. Of course that doesn’t mean they were a match for me, but they certainly weren’t inarticulate one-handed typists spewing idiocy at me. Most had read my profile, were polite and respectful, and I had a relatively pleasant exchange with most of them.

I … Continue Reading

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