Beach nude

Since I didn’t quite manage the traditional birthday nude this year, I’m posting an ‘end-of-year’ nude.

This is NOT the start of a new tradition that will go down the path of an eventual ‘blogful o’ nudes’!

It’s more an ego-driven “Aw hell, these weren’t done in time to make the ‘birthday nude’ date, and I love some of these shots!” thing.

Ferns beach nude

Happy new year, dear readers! May 2014 bring you so much happiness and … Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A: Expectations, clowning, & compliments

Questions from readers, no mucking about, let’s get to it!

Met a Domme, dated briefly, she wanted to be friends, I proposed a D/s relationship, she said she’d consider it, we engaged in D/s flirtation, I offered specific service and got no reply, and a D/s relationship was never formalized. I felt teased & manipulated after awhile, asserted myself, she got mad when I wouldn’t serve her. I asked for clarification of our relationship Continue Reading

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Men in cages

I had a dream last night: I was in a room that was full of cages with men locked inside them.

The cages were about waist high, had thick bars. The men inside were crouched down or on all fours.

I walked among them, between the cages. The men were not fully visible in the dream, but dream-me tried hard to make them fit my ideal, which was strange wilfulness on the part of my … Continue Reading

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I am being inspired by pieces I am reading out on the internet:

This, about crushes.

This, about lost loves.

This, about sweetness.

I want to write about my fleeting hopeful crushes, about things past, about incredible sweetness.

I have been busy and overwhelmed recently by Christmas, by people, by my book, by practicalities, and it saps my energy for writing. But I feel it bubbling now, which I love, … Continue Reading

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Domme Chronicles: Book reviews!

I promise I won’t make this blog all about my book from now on, but but…

I have to dance in public over wonderful five star reviews. Because happy-making!! *dances*

Riveting tales of passion, pain, love, and Dominance

One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author has an amazing ability at capturing your attention in the beginning and keeping you on the edge of your

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Shit Ferns Says #12

You know I missed number 4. That ‘shit I said’ list was apparently so lame, I didn’t even post it. Nobody cared. Nobody noticed. What I need is some decent stalkers who pay attention! Pay’s lousy and it’s pretty dull, but the position’s open.

Just avoided an internet argument by using my ‘Shield of Who the Fuck Cares What You Think’ disguised as my ‘Shield of Maturity’

Well, I do hope your cock is pleasantly

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Domme Chronicles: erotic tales of love, passion, & domination

Domme-Chronicles-cover-smMy book is now available on Amazon!! For real!

Look look!:

Domme Chronicles: erotic tales of love, passion, & domination

It’s a collection of hot femdom stories extracted from my writings here, lovingly edited, and bound up with a bunch of angst and fuckery. All 300+ pages worth!!

I’ve put up a book-pimping page if you want more information.

This calls for champagne!


There might even be a photo of me in it … Continue Reading

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