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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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Femdom dating: Doing lunch (or not)

I mentioned in a previous post that I was travelling to help my sister out with some unfun crap for a couple of weeks.

Well here I am.

It’s stinking hot, her house has no air conditioning (except for one unit in her bedroom) and I’m struggling. I’ve been here before many times, but this time the heat is stifling, oppressive, exhausting. High temperatures and humidity of the kind where you sweat through your clothes … Continue Reading

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How do you feel when you play?

A new dominant woman asked this of more experienced women in a discussion forum: “How do you feel?” She meant ‘when you play’, and it’s a great question that I’m not sure gets explored all that much from the dominant side.

She wrote:
So far, I don’t think I’m getting it… the thing that befuddles me the most, is how am I supposed to feel? Is there a way you should feel about this? Or Continue Reading

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