I feel brittle.

I don’t know why exactly. Well I guess I know why, I just don’t want to say so.

Not just brittle, but spiky. Edgy. Fragile. Irritated and impatient.


I’m busy being busy. Doing all the things, and doing nothing, making noise for myself, distracting myself from whatever is going on.

It works for the most part.

But I am caught in a quiet moment right now. Can’t concentrate enough to talk … Continue Reading

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e[lust] #98

elust is a monthly publication of links to a wide variety of blog posts about sex. It provides an excellent sex-positive resource for the sex blogging community to submit what they feel is their best/favourite post of the last month for each digest. For readers, it’s a great way to discover new sex bloggers.


Welcome to Elust 98

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one … Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A Femdom Podcast #99: Healthy pain play, how do I…, F/m events [Audio]

Music by M.M.

This Reader Q&A femdom podcast is over an hour long(!) and includes the following:

  • Telling a dominant I like that I’m transgender
  • You are shit at marketing (it’s true, I am!)
  • How do you learn to cause someone pain in a good and healthy way?
  • For those submissive men who are looking, some examples of your competition
  • Cuckolding: Is she still dominant if she gets dominated by her ‘bull’?
  • What kinds of fetish wear do
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“Not dressing men”

“Not dressing men” is the super-smart tagline attached to these stunning shots advertising women’s suits. The marketing is by suit maker SuiStudio, whose traditional line is for men.

That it plays beautifully into the CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) kink is a complete coincidence…

Edited to add this one:

All images from SuiStudio.… Continue Reading

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I forgive you

I call it forgiveness, but it’s not. Not really.

Intellectually, I can say ‘I forgive you’ and I can even think that it’s true and that I mean it. You are sorry, I see that, I’m a generous person, I want to move past it, I forgive you.

But the emotional truth is that I don’t forgive you. I don’t think I’m capable of it, or at least I don’t think so anymore.

If … Continue Reading

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Harsh? Who me?

I don’t think of myself as harsh or rude or any of those things.

Honest, yes (but not the ‘I’m just being honest’ type of brutality that people use to justify being an arsehole).

Forthright, you bet.

Sometimes impatient, sure.

Easily irritated (with strangers at least), yep.

But harsh? I tend(ed) to think not.

I had an exchange on a BDSM dating site the other day that both made me laugh and made me wonder … Continue Reading

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“He never looks at her the way he looked at me”

Public domain mark'Untitled' by aliceabc0

I have thought that of the men I have loved.

Along with “He never talks about her the way he talked about me” and “He never treats her the way he treated me”.

All thoughts bound up in love and nostalgia and memories.

But mostly, in those moments of brutal honesty, I know it’s pure ego with more than a touch of smug satisfaction. I touched those intimate parts of him, they are marked, and … Continue Reading

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