Ankle straps

Kind-of shoes, kind-of almost boots, kind-of kinky heels… with toe peepage and cleavage (why is toe cleavage so dirty-hot? Discuss), plus zippers, rivets and ankle straps!! I am a sucker for ankle straps…

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The brilliance

… I spread my arms with my palms to the sky. I lifted my chin to expose my throat to her. I grinned. I closed my eyes.

I quietly said, “Bring it, woman.”

— Yardbird


That’s me falling to the floor.

That line… that line… is the awesome brilliance…

*reads it again…*


I quietly said, “Bring it, woman.”


Sometimes, there is a line, a look, a phrase that hits me just right, that swims around in my head for days, that I revisit and turn over and handle with glee until it is filthy dirty and used … Continue Reading “The brilliance”

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Survey: Results part VII

More from the survey results…… Really… I’m not close to done yet!

Why do you read my blog?

Straight female dominant, 36-45

much in common. And – you write beautifully.

Oh, you are me!!! And thank you for the compliment.

Queer Genderqueer. I present, and live, as female, though I also identify as a butch gay man. dominant, 18-35

I like reading the stories and experiences of other dominant women.

I’m glad you can relate. I don’t identify as a gay man, but I have often thought that I would love to play as a gay male dominant. Me, … Continue Reading “Survey: Results part VII”

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My D/s relationships include punishment. Not ‘funishment’ which is playing at punishment for fun (“Naughty boy!” *giggle* Thwak! etc), but punishment… a penalty for getting something wrong.

–verb (used with object)

  1. to subject to pain, loss, confinement, death, etc., as a penalty for some offense, transgression, or fault: to punish a criminal.
  2. to inflict a penalty for (an offense, fault, etc.): to punish theft.

Ok… not death, obviously (did that need saying? Of course it did!), and I don’t use corporal punishment because that’s too close to play for me. I mostly make him do boring, tedious tasks that … Continue Reading “Punishment”

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Kissing, is all

I saw a boy today that I wanted to kiss.

On my way to work on the train, he was maybe 40, fit, a little rough, with a strong imperfect face, unconventionally beautiful and serious, wide jaw, furrowed brow, a shock of thick dark messy hair. I stared at him, sunglasses on, I watched him. His face came alive as he talked to a little girl, became sweet, gentle, soft smiles. He had much-regretted tattoos, mostly hidden under his sweatshirt, occasionally he looked my way, once locking on, not really with interest, mild curiosity. I didn’t look away, staring rudely, … Continue Reading “Kissing, is all”

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Remember now the words she said
It doesn’t seem to put anything in its right place…

She’s got a very twisted mind
And she’s gonna need more time…

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Satin peep toe

As mentioned in my previous post… (if I can’t write shiny happy posts, I can at least share shiny happy shoes!)…

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