Second one nighter

He was Clark Kent, tall and built and conservative, with glasses, sweetly attentive, a combination of youthful cocky and shy insecurity. More than ten years younger, he had lied about his age, “I thought you wouldn’t be interested if you knew how young I was.”

I had taken him home some weeks before, after a formal function, a night of drinking, dancing, flirting, and later fumbling one-night sex, hot and steamy and awkward, with bodies slamming and urgent whispered instructions punctuating other wordless sounds.

I had not spoken to him since, I was not interested, but tonight, at the event, … Continue Reading

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Birthday suit

I wore it especially for today…

It is International Femdom Day, and Ridley Scott is documenting the day just for me. People of the world are good to me…

Presents? Of course you may send presents!! Silly question.

Happy birthday to me.… Continue Reading

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It is the middle, somewhere, between things gone before and things to come, breathless and stateless and suspended in a half-pause between want and need. Voices coloured with prickly desperation.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me Ma’am”

“I didn’t hear you say please.”

“Please Ma’am, please fuck me, please please please please please…”

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I know…

We go to a kinky film festival – short films, an arts centre out in the middle of nowhere. The ticket collector is a big man decked out head-to-toe in a pink frilly little girl’s outfit – from pink sequined shoes to pink ruffled bonnet. He is carrying a giant multi coloured lollipop. I love that. To my disappointment, he is the only one who has ‘dressed’ for the occasion.

I am wearing killer heels, jeans, a sparkly black top. My lips are, just for the event, a dark glossy red, an aggressive bold colour, a colour I never … Continue Reading

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Survey: Results part VI

Yes, I am totally still milking the survey results…

Why do you read my blog?

Queer female dominant, 18-35

I like having another dominant woman’s perspective on the whole D/s thing. Usually I come across submissive women, which are interesting to read, but I learn more about myself when I read other dominant women.

I am glad, and me too!

Straight female dominant, 18-35

Because reading a blog written by an actual dominant woman makes me feel like a little bit less alone.

Oh, that’s lovely… you are not alone, we are out here. I will start a union…

Homoflexible Continue Reading

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Femdom in Second Life – My Thoughts

I knew of a couple of femdom areas in SL and went there to have a look around, chat to people, see what’s what. I haven’t been in a chat room for many many years, and SL is like series of chat rooms on steroids. The basics are the same, a bunch of people in a space talking, but it is accompanied by visuals. The chat room has a graphic representation, perhaps outside in a garden, with comfy couches and chairs, and people get to present themselves not only in text, but as avatars, as their ‘best selves’, their inner … Continue Reading

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Femdom in Second Life – Randomness

My high level thoughts run crazy like this:

  • *sigh* This is going to be idiotic.
  • Everyone is so lovely!
  • Emoting?! WTF?!
  • Wow, she really is deluded.
  • Awww, sweet…
  • Show me your cock.
  • Really? Interesting. Let me think about that.
  • C’mere, meat, I want to try this on you.
  • Oh my, you are lovely aren’t you?
  • Gah! You don’t know *anything* so just shut the fuck up!
  • Oh god, I am laughing my arse off here!
  • No, I want to see the *extreme* stuff…
  • Oooh… castration table!
  • Let’s go to the vagina shop!
  • So, how many cocks do you actually have?
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