Happy femdom story: LoveMyPet

I received a really lovely encouraging note from LoveMyPet wishing me luck with my upcoming meeting with bambi (thank you!!). In it, she shared her wonderful story about her first meeting with her boy. It was so terribly sweet and happy-making, I asked if I could share it. I’m beyond pleased that she agreed. So very lovely! Enjoy!

Author: LoveMyPet

My sub and I met on second life. Were a couple there for months, but we lived 3000 miles apart. I will give you the condensed version, lol. He bought his plane ticket and came to me.

I had a … Continue Reading

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Bambi Q&A

In my last post, I invited people to ask me questions about bambi… Thank you to everyone who did… fun!!

So here are all the secrets…


Is Bambi the greatest?!?! <= Hmmm… bambi, is that you?!

He’s totally the greatest! Also, ask me again in 5 days… *bounce fidget*


This Bambi fellow seems pretty fit and hot. He must be so awesome!! How are you handling the massive ego he must have?! <= It IS you!!!! *laugh*

*laugh* He is getting fitter and hotter AS WE SPEAK, and yes, he is awesome! He doesn’t have a massive … Continue Reading

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Curious about bambi? Ask me!

So bambi arrives in a week. A WEEK!!! So exciting!

I’ve had two questions about him on my Ask Me page today, and I do love questions (question hoar!), so I thought I’d bring it up front here, and invite you to ask about him/me/us in the comments.

If there are only a few questions, I will answer them here. If there are MORE than a few, I will create a new post for them. If there are none, I will wail and cry and ask the universe why nobody cares…

If you want to catch up on the story … Continue Reading

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Review: Tantus Realdoe

Tantus Realdoe Strapless Strap-on

This toy makes me want to fuck.

I’ve never been one for realistic cocks for strap-on play because who am I fooling? I don’t want or need it to look ‘real’, and I know it won’t. So I tend towards purple, swirly, pretty dildos for strap-on play, and I’ve been really keen to get a gold glittery one (haven’t found one yet!).

But.. but… when I saw the Tantus Realdoe, I really really wanted it. I have a pretty good case of penis envy and this was the closest I was going to get to at … Continue Reading

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Relationships and age differences

I got this question on my Ask Me page, and it was such a good one that it made me get all rambly, so I figured I would turn it into a blog post.

What’s the biggest age gap you could accept in a relationship?

Ha! I love a succinct and difficult personal question!! Well done, you!

The answer is complicated.

My previous relationships have mostly been with men who were within 5-6 years of my age, and mostly younger. But that doesn’t answer your question.

I just checked my CM profile and my default search criteria is set to … Continue Reading

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Q&A with Ferns…

I haven’t shared any Q&A for ages.

In case you’ve forgotten, I have an Ask me page where you can *gasp* ask me questions (I know, you totally didn’t see that coming didja?!). You can also check out questions I’ve been answering and wave your fist impotently at ridiculous things I have said.

I know you don’t want to clickety click over there because it’s just *too much trouble* (lazy gits!), and since I approve of laziness and like to support you in it as much as possible, I’ve copied the last few here so you don’t have to.

You’re … Continue Reading

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Why a personal trainer is just like a pro-Domme

You give the personal trainer money for their expertise.
You give a pro-Domme money for their expertise.

You tell the personal trainer what your goals are, and expect them to get you there.
You tell the pro-Domme what your goals are, and expect them to get you there.

If you have had a previous session, the personal trainer asks how it was, what you liked/didn’t like.
If you have had a previous session, the pro-Domme asks how it was, what you liked/didn’t like.

The personal trainer gives you an outline of what they are going to do with you in … Continue Reading

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