Bought and did not buy

I bought this on the weekend. It is beautiful, with 25 inch shoestring leather tails and a lovely hefty weight… *swoon*:

I did not buy this Vollers corset. I tried on a stunning red one and loved the cinched in waist and fabulous curvy look, but I really wanted black and he did not have any in my size… *cries and cries*:

I also bought groceries, but I know you don’t care about … Continue Reading

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e[lust] #23

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Roadmaps of ConsentI fucking love Continue Reading

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Beating to music

Everyone (ok, a bunch of people) has been talking with delight about Rhianna’s S&M video. “Ooohh… hot!!”, they squeal with excitement. No, I am not going to link it here, it is rubbish.

While I can see why some BDSMers are excited about it (yes, I get it), for me, it’s… meh, whatever… same same, boring and stereotypical faux femdom in latex writhes around for the pleasure of men with some background props of men … Continue Reading

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Crash: Audio reading

I have been considering doing a reading on the blog for some time, so here it is.

It is this post: Crash.

It is a single, first take with mistakes and all, plus the ambiance of neighbourhood sounds (welcome to my home!)… This absolutely and definitively proves that Australians do NOT have an accent…

If you find it enjoyable and you are interested in hearing more, then comment wildly and with enthusiasm.… Continue Reading

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I asked for links to pictures of hot boys… and one of them produced something lovely (thank you, dave94… that’s two mentions in as many days!).

There are some images that just work in my head, and sometimes I am not sure why.

This one… makes me feel all swoony, even though the themes in it are kind of hit and miss to me (collar, yes; chastity, yes; chastity device, meh; PIV sex … Continue Reading

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Water torture

I lay him in the empty bath on his back, cover his face with a damp washcloth, stroking it smooth against his skin.

I hold the cup of water above him, and pour it slowly over the cloth, the sticky terry toweling gaining weight, clinging to the shape of him, his eyes, his nostrils, his mouth.

I see him open his mouth further, like the silent scream, he gurgles, trying to blow the fabric off … Continue Reading

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A blogging dilemma

dave94 asked about this post:

“How does this end? Do the two overcome their missed connection and ultimately hook-up? Does the experienced domme introduce the shy newbie to the lifestyle and get him to fall for her?”

They are great questions! Tune in next week for… oh wait…

Come sit here by me on the bench while I tell you of my little dilemma…

It is easy to write about a boy I am … Continue Reading

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