“Whose cock is it?”

my cock

From my book: Domme Chronicles: Erotic tales of love, passion, & domination.… Continue Reading

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Happy femdom story – Wheldrake

I haven’t received a happy femdom story in my inbox for so long. I do love them so.

This is a story of remote connection and D/s that was born out of a shared love of words and, unlike many other happy femdom stories I’ve shared it, is one that illustrates that D/s relationships do not have to be about romance to thrive and grow and to make the participants happy. Thank you both so … Continue Reading

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I’m restless today. And angry. And impatient. And annoyed.

It’s free floating, unfocussed, there is not ‘a thing’ to pin it on, though I am still pinning it on a number of things.

It will pass, of course it will. We all have moods, right?

But the short term result is that my usual patient kindness (shut up, I AM!) has been replaced by an intolerant fed up pissiness.

I’ve already written it out for … Continue Reading

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Goodnight kiss

“It’s late,” I said. An obvious ‘end of the evening’ type fact: It was 1am.

He nodded agreement, got up from the couch.

We wandered over to the door. I smiled, thanked him for the wonderful dinner.

I stood a little taller than him in my heels. We were essentially eye-to-eye, standing a little too close. A slight hesitance, both leaning in for a kiss.

It was a quizzical kind of kiss. A question mark. … Continue Reading

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Weekend with my First, by my First

My First just left a comment about our weekend on my last post about it.

Since a) I know how much I love it when I get to hear both sides of a story and b) it’s so lovely and c) I haven’t written anything about it (yet), I’m posting his comment here.

A glimpse, as fascinating to me as to anyone else.


There may be some people wondering how this weekend turned … Continue Reading

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Putting the past to bed

My First arrives today.

This morning he said he got up to this song. Unbeknownst to me, it’s one that he has associated with me for a long long time.

The first time I heard that song was when my last submissive sent it to me. Similarly (and in a weird coincidence), he also saw me, and us, in it.

The difference:

  • For my last, it was a song about passion, kink, power, love.
  • For
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How to drop a man in 2 seconds

I can’t stop watching Ronda Rousey in this gif. It’s amazing.

ronda rousey

If you watch the YouTube video, the lead-up to this throw is the guy, am MMA journalist, joking with Rousey, an MMA champion, in a ‘ha ha ur only a woman’ kind of way.

“Hurr hurr, I don’t think you have enough strength and can compete with the men, even though I’m a white belt…”

In short, he was being a dick to … Continue Reading

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