Christmas day

Goodies from my ex *swoon*

Hot here, brutally bright sunshine, warm breeze, not a cloud in the sky.

I am waiting for my family to arrive. I am hosting this year. They will be stupidly early for lunch. That’s how they are.

I can’t cook, but I will do my best. Crispy garlic chicken with hasselback potatoes and a dessert that is essentially pavlova in a glass. The amazing package of goodies I got from my ex will provide the … Continue Reading

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Share Our Shit Saturday #3 #SOSS

This #SOSS meme is a reaction to social media platforms silencing creators of adult content.

I’m making a more concerted effort to share talented and interesting people’s work, and at times I’m going to step out of the F/m domain for it because the impact of making sex bloggers and writers invisible is wide.

Her exists and she is us by Ava Ex Machina

Voluntary feminization #14 by Alex Law

Eyes on the prizeContinue Reading

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e[lust] #101 #SOSS

Delighted to be in the top three picks in such great company for the last e[lust] of the year :).

Welcome to Elust 101

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #102 Start with the rules, come back … Continue Reading

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How to make your first BDSM scene amazing

This is my first ‘How To’ guide for new dominant women, and it’s designed as a bit of hand-holding for women who want practical information for their first foray into BDSM play.

Dominant women are strong and awesome and they WILL find their own way and their own style, but first … Continue Reading

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Let the sunshine in

Plans over Christmas are always full of family. This year is no different.

Even though we have only a very small family, everyone lives in different places so everyone travels. This person flying in that day, this other person driving here then, those people going there, then this person coming also on that other day and etc.

Even just looking at the schedule is exhausting.


I have post-Christmas plane tickets in my grubby little … Continue Reading

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Email from my ex-boy

The email landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. It’s been some six years since our last contact, since he broke my heart.

At first I thought it was spam, I frequently get spam that appears to be from my own contacts. He used a name I recognised and an email address I didn’t.

It landed softly this time, a confusing flutter as I realised it was him.

He called me … Continue Reading

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Cover colour for newest book: Input please [Poll Closed]

I’m trying to get my newest ‘How To’ Femdom guide done in the next week or so: The book is “How to Make Your First BDSM Scene Amazing” and it’s my first one for newbie dominant women.

I’m again using fabulous cover art by the talented Submissive Guy Comics, but I’m stuck on the colour and would love your input.

Initially I wanted to make the cover pink because it’s bright and fabulous. But … Continue Reading

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