Personal ad for a special submissive man

** Update 12/6/2021: I don’t have the wherewithal for endless chit chat unless you are an endless fountain of loveliness who is going to entertain and delight me with your uplifting personality. **

Seeking a long term romantic D/s relationship: a lover, friend, partner, submissive and all round amazing man who is just as comfortable wandering a weekend market sweetly holding hands as he is cooking me dinner before finding himself collared and naked in my bedroom.

Me: Difficult reserved introvert, hard work, articulate, smart, attractive, lazy, selfish (yeah, I know: a real catch, right?! Ha! Can’t say you weren’t warned…). Generally easy going, but I know what I want and lose interest if I don’t get it.

You: Funny, fit, fabulous, fuckable and other f-words (some of them rude) who reads the above and goes ‘I am the god she needs kneeling at her feet!’

You are a wordsmith, a thinker, an original and eclectic dreamy eyed romantic who loves kissing and violence, and who blossoms under the affectionate hand of his woman.

You have an optimistic and boyish outlook on the world, and a sense of humour that lends itself to silliness and bouncing. I’d love to see some of that. Extra bonus points if you’re taller than me barefoot (I’m 5’10, though decent heels give me an Amazonian 6’3).

I’m willing to deal with distance if we have a remarkable connection, but I expect you to come to me with a realistic and actionable plan to overcome it (that’s going to be on your dime, though). If you are remote, when you contact me please say so up-front, tell me where you’re located, and describe how you intend to address it (and if you think ‘I’ll hop on a plane :)’ is a plan, don’t bother). I’m not relocatable, so you need to be.

If you are going to step up and contact me, please have your shit together. I don’t have the patience or interest to deal with instability (emotional, mental, financial, general ‘life-in-disarray’-edness (is SO a word!)). Please be emotionally mature and available, single, monogamous, and dependent-free.





















Good for you, you’re a curious sort. I like that. Here’s some photos of me.

If you think I might be pretty awesome (I am!), and you fit the bill, then come and talk to me, you just never know: ferns -at- domme-chronicles -dot- com.