More Q&A with readers

The Formspring widget that is supposed to show my recent Q&A on the Ask Me! page is suddenly broken and Formspring support have no idea why (thanks Formspring people!!). The widget insists that I have no public questions even though at last count there were 108 of them. Grrrrr…

So, I’ve added a link on that page to the Q&A and will wait for it to magically fix itself *makes magical woo woo motions in Continue Reading

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Happy femdom stories – UnspeakableAxe

I started following Unspeakable Axe’s blog years ago. A submissive man from the country who had moved to New York City and who was going through the ups and downs of finding a dominant partner. It was fascinating in the way that these stories always are, and Axe’s writing is funny and compelling and each time something promising didn’t pan out, I was disappointed for him. Why was no-one fabulous grabbing him?!! Baffling.

Then things … Continue Reading

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Submissive man seeks casual play partner

Ten days ago, my sweet friend Peroxide placed a personal ad in location-specific groups for a female dominant. He is looking purely for casual play.

Charming young sub, seeking casual play partner

Hi, I’m Peroxide, I write Submissive in Seattle and I’m looking for a nice lady to be my casual play partner.

I don’t do sex or D/s outside of a LTR, so this would just be a Top/bottom thing.

I’m not terribly experienced,

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Sunday afternoon

I was feeling a little ‘meh’ today.

I invited my vanilla ex out for an afternoon drink at the surf club where we can sit overlooking the beach.

Pinot grigio, idle conversation, humpback whales just off shore, a volleyball game with good natured kids going on just under the deck.

Whales! Seriously. Just off shore. I am so fucking lucky!!

All of this makes me happy.

I watch a boy playing volleyball below the deck … Continue Reading

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Gym bunny update photo

New progress picture.

There is more definition compared with a couple of months ago (if you want to compare the shot from two months ago ‘side by side’-ish, go take a look at the ‘‘body project’‘ page).

Any and all compliments, encouragement and motivational pats most welcome.

Extra brownie points if you refer to my ‘guns’ in a non-ironic way…… Continue Reading

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Exercise audio porn

I had another go at the recording I tried to make for my ‘gym bunny update’ post.

I actually invited my twitter peeps to breathe and pant and swear with me while I was doing it, so I was talking to them in the recording. Normally, I don’t talk while I am killing myself with uber cardio. Well, okay, I might do an ‘oh my god!’ or a ‘fuck’, but I don’t generally encourage people, … Continue Reading

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Drawing out hurt

“Hands behind your head.”

You comply quickly, and you wait.

“We’re going to do something that we’ve done before, can you guess?” I ask, smiling.

We are new together, there aren’t that many choices.

“No Ma’am,” you reply quickly. You are nervous.

“The pegs,” I grin at you.

You make a face at me, screw up your nose, your lip curls. You are not into pain. In fact, you don’t like it at all, the … Continue Reading

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