My sent emails XXXIV

Sometimes, someone is so idiotic, I lose my calm, helpful demeanour…

I have to set the context for this one by showing the entire exchange.

I received this email from 45yo maledom nowhere near me:

What can I say.. You look great and got me captivated with your great pic too.. There once was a time that I didn’t believe in angels, but that has changed since i came across your profile…If I must say Continue Reading

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Compromise in D/s relationships

I talked in my Masocast interview with the lovely UnspeakableAxe about compromising away happiness, and I’ve had a few private conversations about it since then, so I thought it was worth expanding on.

A lot of people seem to start relationships with “Oh, that’s okay, it’s not that important to me” and end up with “What the holy fuck happened here?”

There is always compromise in relationships, but there is a world of difference between … Continue Reading

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Hunger games

I speak often about the hunger that drives my dominance. Really, when I am in it, that’s all I write about, in different ways, with different contexts: I am essentially just saying the same thing over and over.

I have a passionate crazy hunger that I ache to let loose, that I look to escalate and satiate, a feeling that makes me want to strip the very skin off my boy’s bones so I can … Continue Reading

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Shit Ferns says #8

More randomness that made perfect sense at the time…

I am a sensitive flower you know! A SENSITIVE FLOWER WITH GUNS, FUCKER!

I feel like the proper answer to every thread is ‘If you are an idiot, stop posting, idiot’

A celebratory ‘fuck off!’ drink!

I want to create a profile called MistressDerp and then post derpy face pics and say derpy things. That would be fucking funny, right?

Just as well you aren’t a

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I like your face

I like your face.

It is so amazingly expressive, I can’t believe that no-one has ever told you that. How is it that no-one has ever told you that?

I like the way you arch your eyebrow, like you are some super villain plotting the world’s demise. I like your pretty eyes, each with slightly different colourings, framed by those long girlish lashes. I like your killer cheekbones, despite you concealing them: they are blade-sharp. … Continue Reading

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Fucking nutritionist!

This post would have been much more interesting if the title had a ‘the’ in the middle…

Today I went and saw the nutritionist/personal trainer. She co-owns the gym that I go to, and when I talked to her and her partner before Christmas about changing my workout program, they lectured me about diet *sigh*.

Ask anyone who knows about working on body improvements, and they will tell you that the majority of the … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXIV

Hello 22yo-guy-who-found-my-story-on-literotica,

I didn’t reply to your last because I already told you that I am not interested in an erotic exchange and yet you are persisting with it. I am not sure what about my lack of interest was unclear.

And now you send me an unsolicited cock shot. This is a good indication that any future conversation is not possible.

Please don’t contact me again.

Best of luck to you.

Ferns… Continue Reading

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