Femdom audio erotica: Coming home part 1

© Image by the talented Stuart F Taylor (Chain Bear)

This beautiful story of domestic dominance and foot worship was written and is read by me. The original post is here.

It has elements of sweetness.

I caught your eye, and held your gaze for several minutes, assessing my mood. Making up my mind, I called you.

“Here, now.”

You beamed at me and my heart skipped a beat.

And elements of lustful dominance.

I pushed you backwards away from me. My eyes flashed.

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How to use body writing in BDSM play

The Pillow Book

© Still from The Pillow Book

I love love LOVE body writing.

I used body writing all the time with my last submissive for various reasons.

The mechanics of it are easy*: Sharpie, tattoo pens, ballpoint pens, it really doesn’t matter. As for where you write, well that’s up to you also :).
*Note: Some pens are not body-safe and some people have sensitivities. Do your research.

The ‘what to write’ is where it gets interesting. The answer is, of course, … Continue Reading

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