Balance in F/m voices

It’s hard to write about the issues I have with the lines blurring between professional and lifestyle Dommes without sounding like I’m anti sex workers.

But I’m not. I think pro-Dommes are amazing.

I think skilled, ethical real-world pro dominants do an awesome and valuable job. The good ones invest considerable time, energy, and money into their craft, their spaces, their equipment and into making sure their clients get what they paid for, both physical and emotional. I think it’s a difficult job, and they deserve every penny of the money they make.

I think skilled, ethical online pros also … Continue Reading “Balance in F/m voices”

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The value of the ‘fuck yeah!’

The contact with lovely man I had a cute chat with at the BDSM event didn’t go anywhere and a friend asked me ‘well why don’t you contact him again?’

Because there’s no ‘fuck yeah!’ there.

I was the one who made the approach to talk to him at the event, I was the one who asked for his contact details, we exchanged a couple of friendly emails after the fact. I sent the last one, to which he didn’t reply. There’s no ‘fuck yeah!’ there from him. So why would I go after him? Pro-tip: I wouldn’t.

I have … Continue Reading “The value of the ‘fuck yeah!’”

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Dommely beauty routine

Sometime soon-ish, the Masocast podcast will be publishing my third (THIRD!) interview :).

It’s been recorded already, but editing and post-production is a full time job (not for me, for the fabulous @UnspeakableAxe who creates the podcast).

We asked Twitter peeps for questions just before the interview and one was ‘what is your beauty routine?’ I can’t find that question now to credit the asker, but I know Axe did ask me, and I also know I didn’t answer it in any meaningful way (because it’s kind of dull and detailed and off-topic). So where else would I do ‘dull … Continue Reading “Dommely beauty routine”

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Reader Q&A: Podcast #104 [Audio]

© 'Legs' photo by and of Ferns. Music by M.M. Transcript by MFMWKE.

Welcome to another episode of ‘Ferns drinks champagne and talks…’ Topics include:

  • Some personal questions (about fantasies, singledom & happiness)
  • How to find a domme
  • Tips on confidence for a newbie dominant
  • Why some offers of ‘submission’ aren’t as appealing as you think they are
  • Is this abuse?
  • How to punish your submissive
  • Sissies and cuckholding, a misunderstanding
  • A porn reading
  • And more!

Fun facts:
1. Those legs in the photo ARE mine, yes and
2. The ‘shut up and sit down’ voice in the intro music IS me

All me, all the time :).

The Domme Chronicles podcast is Continue Reading “Reader Q&A: Podcast #104 [Audio]”

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Domme Chronicles book: Half price for non-Amazon users

Last month I offered Domme Chronicles on sale on Amazon. This month I’m reaching out to readers who are not on Amazon. Yes, you!

Domme Chronicles: Tales of love, passion & domination, my book of femdom erotica, is HALF PRICE on Smashwords for this week only. Available in mobi (kindle) format AS WELL AS in epub, pdf (and more) versions for non-kindle owners.

Here’s what people said about it in their 5 star reviews:

–“One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author has an amazing ability at capturing your

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Post-a-day February: Done!


You’ve had a whole barrage from me this last month. I’ve just been blurting stuff out all over the place :).

I don’t know how some really prolific posters do it, honestly.

I tend to only write if I have Something To Say. Plus I don’t really want to repeat stuff I’ve said before. PLUS I don’t have a lovely sub to actually talk about. And all of that makes posting so often a challenge.

Still, I think it was good for me to flex a bit of that ‘STFU & write’ muscle.

Posts will slow down some now, … Continue Reading “Post-a-day February: Done!”

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