Explaining violence & sex

Emailing with a vanilla friend…

“I still can’t really grasp the connection between violence and sexual excitement.”

Ha! It’s so incredibly complex.

I can try and explain it in a bunch of different ways, but I do think it’s one of those things that you can’t ‘get’ until you ‘get it’. Like how oral sex seems like the grossest thing ever pre-puberty, then you do it and go “Oooohhh… I get it now”. But even … Continue Reading

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Aftercare Series #6: Bedtime stories by Submissive Guy Comics

All of Submissive Guy’s Comics are wonderful, but when he pays me the compliment of referencing me… well… *swoony happy sigh*.

So completely adorable! Happies!!

If you’re not following his tumblr yet, you should (and in case you aren’t aware, if you add /rss to the end of the tumblr web address, you can get him delivered straight to your reader). … Continue Reading

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For you…

The first boy I ever loved and I are still in touch. He lives in the UK, we catch up when we are anywhere in proximity, which of course isn’t often.

A recent situation reminded me of a sweet moment with him, of which there are many. Sweet moments, I mean.

He had invited some of his friends over for dinner. He was cooking. I was hovering in the kitchen with him, sipping a cold … Continue Reading

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Holy fuck beautiful eyes

I’ve taken to calling him ‘holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes’ (in honour of the fabulously articulate email I sent him on a whim), which is the worst nickname EVER but it makes me smile every time I use it.

He’s not a match for me (he agrees with this), and I am unlikely to meet him (I’ve told him this), and yet, there is that elusive ‘something’ there that draws me in and I love it and I hate … Continue Reading

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Another chat with me!

© Masocast by UnspeakableAxe

My second Masocast interview is live (the first is here)!!

A wonderfully sweet benefactor offered for-real moneys to ask me some very interesting and thoughtful questions, I spill my guts, laugh a lot, and blather more, and the lovely Axe pretends he isn’t just talking to me for the money!

I also do an audio reading of ‘Conflict’ at the end.


Random quotes:

I have a blog where I

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A young Domme’s sexuality

This is my response in a discussion on fetlife.com about whether women come into their dominance later than men, and if so, why that might be. It explains from my personal perspective how I struggled some with getting what I wanted when I was young, so I thought it worth posting here.


From my perspective as a young woman out in the world, I was never free to exercise any sexual initiative in the … Continue Reading

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On being difficult

In my personal ad, I describe myself as “difficult’ (among other things). This is not a cute way of pretending I am some badass bitch. I’m not.

But boy, am I particular.

And in the context of getting to know someone, there seems to be a very narrow set of things that ‘work’ for me.

There are some things that hit me just right, that make me laugh out loud, that make me do … Continue Reading

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