Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #114 [Audio]

This stupendous femdom podcast Q&A includes the following:

  • The bits where I answer some questions about my masturbatory habits!
  • Lovely sweetness from some listeners/readers <3
  • Is this a scam? (if you’re asking this question, you already know the answer is ‘yes, yes it is’)
  • Has a submissive ever introduced you to new kinks that you subsequently enjoyed?
  • Should I ‘top from the bottom’ to solve this problem?
  • How do I deal with power struggles in
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Happy Femdom Story: his Queen

© Happy femdom story

I’m delighted to have a wonderful happy femdom story to share with you.

This is a lovely story of mutual discovery and goodness and love <3. Please enjoy.


Author: his Queen

This is a story about a Domme who didn’t know she was a Domme and a sub who didn’t know he was a sub, until they found each other and in so doing, discovered a little more of themselves.

They worked together by day. He was … Continue Reading

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Advice for submissive men #547

I’ve said this a million times before and will probably repeat it a million more times before I’m dead:

Dominant women who want a D/s relationship aren’t going to be interested in a man just because he’s submissive.

Approaching any relationship-orientated dominant woman with ‘I’m submissive’ as your ‘tah-daaah’ trump card doesn’t carry any weight.

Dominant women are interested in a man because he’s awesome and interesting and funny and smart and compatible with … Continue Reading

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Femdom audio erotica: Convince me

© Image by the talented Stuart F Taylor (Chain Bear)

“You crawl on all fours and it makes me want to fuck you, watching you crawl.”

I’m excited and delighted to be contributing to GirlOnTheNet’s wonderful audio porn project. I am, of course, recording some femdom audio erotica for it because what else would I be doing?!

My first piece is a scorching little strap-on scene featuring begging, a belt, face slapping, and so much hotness.

“I shove my cock into your mouth while

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(not) Found femdom

Okay fine, it’s NOT ‘found femdom’ because it’s M/m, but it’s still so so delightful :).

John Oliver has been doing a running gag on Last Week Tonight all year: Intermittently and randomly expressing an extreme masochistic obsession with Adam Driver. It is both cute and hilarious, and I’ve been delighting in it over on twitter since the beginning of the year (as evidenced below):

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I should date…

I should… I should…

I should do all the things, all the time.

My brain punishes me with it. The things I should do.

One of the things is to write here, though I’m doing it now not to satisfy that ‘should’. I’m doing it because of all the other ‘shoulds’.

I have so many draft posts saved. 198 of them in fact. But mostly when I write here, it’s a moment in time, something … Continue Reading

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