Sweet things

She catches her breath and leans down to kiss him, tasting herself on him, he closes his eyes to accept her kiss, tender and soft, she holds his mouth to hers and speaks to him in the gentle never ending kiss. She smiles when she sees his cock, still hard and she strokes his face and brings his head to lay in her lap, and runs her fingers through his hair, petting him softly.

She wants to whisper sweet things to him, to whisper thank you, to whisper of tenderness, to whisper of her heart aching, to whisper how beautiful … Continue Reading

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Greedy slut

She stands before him, looking into his tear stained face, his eyes brimming, he holds her gaze and she sees his adoration, his surrender in them, and she has never loved him more. She brings her face to his and licks the tears she has caused from his cheeks, kisses his mouth softly, tenderly, feeling his tongue tentatively reach for hers, she sighs into his mouth with pleasure.

As he watches, she slowly takes of her panties. She holds the wetness to his lips, he can smell her, his tongue already licking at it, trying to suck it into his … Continue Reading

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Head-spinney and beautiful

“…that was the most, absolutely the most hot thing I have ever, ever, ever done sexually…”

Sometimes, sometimes, it’s just about perfect.

You’re welcome baby.… Continue Reading

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Best laid plans

I am not planning to play with you, I am planning to put you to bed and leave you to sleep. I’ve said goodnight already when I tell you to take off your clothes, I am just going to put you to bed and go, I tell you as much, ‘yes Ma’am’ you say. As they come off, your shirt, your jeans, I start to kick in, feel my heart start to thump in my chest, my stomach lurching with lust.

I want something from you, I always want something from you.

I start with a permanent marker, making your … Continue Reading

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Just like a dream

Show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream, he said…

I kissed his face and I kissed his head, and dreamed of all the different ways I had to make him glow. Why are you so far away, he said, why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you…

I found myself alone, alone, alone above the raging sea that stole the only boy I loved and drowned him deep inside of me…

You… just like heaven.

I miss you baby.
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There is noise in your head, I can hear it from here, a humming, making your body ache, drawing a moaning sound from deep in your throat, a spinning, floaty, throbbing sex-noise that makes you dreamy and hard and desperate, that makes your eyes glassy and your mouth wet with want.

I whisper, “Are you paying attention boy?”

I can barely hear you, “Yes Ma’am, I’m paying attention”

Sharper, no louder, I bring you back to me, “Are you paying attention boy?”

A soft beautiful moan, a focussing, you breathe, “Yes Ma’am” and I feel it go straight to my … Continue Reading

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Scent marking

I wonder if you can smell me in your sleep, colouring your thoughts and invading your dreams. I have marked you with my scent, putting it on your skin, your lips, reminding you that I am here, reminding you who you belong to.

I like having you smell of me, walking around in the world like a shadow of me, wafting around you as you go about your day, a hint of me touching you unexpectedly when you turn back on yourself.

I like having you smell me also, and I know you bring the scent to your nose when … Continue Reading

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