More patent leather

I haven’t posted any shoe pictures in AGES!

One of the reasons is that I’m buying fewer new shoes (a travesty!!), and another is because my previous apartment had few spots that provided a clear background, so it was difficult to take decent photos.

These aren’t new, but they are lovely aren’t they?!

Strappy black patent leather heels with a snakeskin feature around the heel.

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Creative? No, just lazy…

I’m at the airport waiting for the flight home from my weekend with the lovely switch.

Of course I am happy to share with you all, and I was thinking about what to write about it, and then I had a really great idea (I am full of them! Truly!). I already told him I was going to send him a questionnaire to fill in (probably full of ridiculous questions that make me laugh) and he is eagerly (?) awaiting them.

Then I thought, “Oooh, I’ll bet my readers would love to ask him questions too!!!”

So here goes:… Continue Reading

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NaNo snippet: Audio

Bondage shoes

I know most of you probably didn’t notice that I still had one more request to fulfil from my ‘Dommes don’t speak, they rawwwr’ post way back in June.

I was asked for a snippet from my NaNo writing from last year. A cheeky request! I recorded this soon after the request, then stalled on posting it because I wanted to find a snippet I liked better. Then trawling through 50k words to find something I liked better seemed like too much work. So I stalled some more.

But here it is, a piece that describes the shoes shown in … Continue Reading

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Weekend with a switch

I’m being treated to a weekend away!!

An American switch friend who I have never met is coming to Australia for work and he is sweetly flying me out to spend the weekend with him.

When he mentioned the possibility a couple of months ago, I sort of shrugged non-committally and said I might be interested. I find that men *say* stuff like that all the time, and for whatever reason it never actually happens, so I don’t place much stock in those sorts of things.

This time, though, I have the plane tickets in hand and a fabulous 5 … Continue Reading

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Reflections brought home

It rolls into my inbox, my own fault. I have not changed the settings that tell the world to alert me to you being out there.

You are interviewed, photographed, recorded. I read, I look, I listen. I can’t *not* even though I wonder why, really.

I try to place these feelings I have.

It makes me smile, I am so proud of you. I am. Even after so long. I want to reach out and say ‘Well done beautiful, you deserve it’ and in a flight of fancy imagine dropping you a note to say so. I won’t, of … Continue Reading

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Winning at gymming

I started an exercise blitz on 30 April with a 12 week program involving gym work 6 days a week (see my Check My Workouts! page for more detail), and pilates twice a week (which I have been doing forever).

Last week, I finished my second 12 week program where I was gymming 5 days a week, with pilates still twice a week.

I have just started my third 12 week stint.

Psychologically, it is easier for me to think of them as 12 week blocks than ‘forever and ever’ because the latter makes me go ‘What?! No way!’

So, … Continue Reading

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Why you should be on twitter too…

One of the reasons I’m on twitter is exchanges like this, which are totally and utterly happy-making:

I’m up early… I don’t like this. I don’t like it one bit!!

@Ferns__ You’ll take it and you’ll love it!!

@iBreedBySpores *kicks you in the shins… cackles*

@Ferns__ That kind of day, huh? *tickles, pinches, sticks finger up nose, smacks in the face*

@iBreedBySpores *laugh* You realise I totally imagined you doing that stuff to yourself for my amusement… that’s what you meant, right?

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