Public tease

A concert, it’s dark. I’m there with my girlfriends. Crowded at the front, squeezed together, heat, and a pounding beat through the floor. Bodies moving in unison, we are all one undulating, connected creature, for a brief moment, strangers bonded together.

I feel him behind me, pressed up against me in the throng. He is tall, I don’t turn around, but graze my arse back a little against him. I feel him retreat away from … Continue Reading

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More questions from readers

I am loving getting these, truly! It’s like a little window into what is going on out there with my readers, and I love that.

I mused in one of my answers that I might well be some sort of question-whore, but even if it’s not a question, it’s still lovely when someone takes the time to send me a note.

So gushing aside, if you want to ask me a question, leave me a … Continue Reading

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Dommes have orgasms

Dommes have orgasms. Hopefully lots of them, whenever they want. Because orgasms are awesome!

However it’s not always that easy for everyone. Dumb Domme (do you follow her? No? You should!) has written in hilarious detail about her orgasm project.

After some 12 months of being together and lots of trying, she finally succeeded in having an orgasm with her boy, J. Yay!! *the crowd goes wild*.

Interestingly, it happened at a … Continue Reading

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Like like like!!

Since it’s all about me all the time, and I like pats and positive reinforcement, I have added a ‘Like’ star-button to my posts.

I know most people who read don’t comment, but I also know that some of you keep coming back (yay!), so I assume you are finding something here that you enjoy.

*wave…* Hello there lovely anonymous reader people!!

The new ‘Like’ button is a clickable star, there, under my posts, the … Continue Reading

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Dommes don’t speak, they rawwrrr

Hey, I’ve had a really fun idea!!

I’ve had a few people say how much they love an Australian accent and they seem to insist that I have one of those (despite the fact that I keep telling them that *I don’t have an accent*!!), and I got quite a good reaction to the readings that I have done previously…

…so here’s a game.

In the comments, you give me a phrase or some … Continue Reading

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BDSM references

In some quarters of the BDSM world, there is a penchant for references.

A lot of newbies are advised to ask potential D/s partners for references, and if they can’t provide any, that’s a red flag because anyone trustworthy will have ex play partners who can tell you all about them. And if they don’t have any exes who can provide references, it’s probably because THEY KILLED THEM ALL!!!

It’s ridiculous.

If you have mutual … Continue Reading

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e[lust] #37

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #38? Start with the newly updated rules, come back July 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ Top 3 ~

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