1000th post!

This is my 1000th post on this blog. Holy fuck!

When I started this blog 6 years and 1 month ago (phew!), I wanted to show what a female dominant/male submissive relationship actually looks like when it’s in a context of love and complexity and real life. I was in a relationship with my boy then. You saw me navigate that relationship with passion and and were witness to my heartbreak when it ended. Since the beginning, I have shared my history, my explorations, my play, my struggles, and my endless opinions about everything over the years.

So for taking the trip with me, for supporting me when I needed it, for sharing my passion, my idiocy, my laughter, and my pain, a big thank you. I have appreciated it more than you can know.

Here is a summary of ALL THE THINGS.

The boys I have waxed lyrical about (chronologically):

  • snowflake: the brief shiny flash before ‘my boy’
  • my boy: my sweetheart who was in my life before I started blogging and who you saw me lose my shit over
  • angus: the lovely in SL who shared so much with me
  • e: fun and fierce and so promising, but no spark in person
  • Jay: sweetness, crushy intense sweetness
  • Richie: shy and incompatible, we met up a couple of times for casual rope play
  • pretty thing: guh, smart and impossibly beautiful, and young and too far away
  • bambi: so appealing and the dynamic/play/sex worked but we were a mis-fit in all other ways
  • holy fuck beautiful eyes: something, something, kissing dates!
  • Tom: The Other Men who have impacted me in some way but about whom I haven’t written much

Number of words I have written:

Total number of comments (this obviously does not include the 84,724 spam comments…):

More on words I have written (and yes, I know there’s a 6,318 word difference! WELL YOU COUNT THEM THEN!!)

Word stats
And since I know you all love a bit of graph porn, here have some readability:

Readability: I'm all over the 7th grade reading level. You're welcome!
Apparently I’m all over the 7th grade reading level. You’re welcome!

And at the risk of repeating myself (no risk, I AM repeating myself), something about you good folks.

So, where are you from? Come here often?

Visitor locations

I’ve only had analytics since 2011 when I moved the blog, but since then my pages have been pawed over many times. Apparently most of you read 2 pages, then get 2/3 of the way through the third and wander off.

page views

And finally, what I write about:

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So, who brought the champagne? And where’s my cake?

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  1. Sincere congratulations on reaching this milestone. Writing, especially writing on such an intimate and intense subject,is never easy to sustain. 1000 posts is a testament to not only your talent, but also to your commitment to your subject. You remain, for Bonnie and I, our favorite blogger. Respectfully Stan

  2. Wooo hooo! Well done! And amazingly you still write with such insight, honesty, and compellingly sexy intimacy!

    I counted and I’ve read 412,608 of your written words! Now I just have to figure out which ones I’ve missed.

    Thank you for sharing it all with us!


  3. That is an AMAZING milestone! And although it might be disappointing that your readers read 2 1/2 blog posts before wandering off, that’s actually a testament to how engaging your blog is. Readers read more than just the one blog post that brought them to your blog. Give yourself a huge pat on the back!

  4. Is it weird that when I saw the wordle graphic all I thought was of a 4 year old playing with two Barbies and yelling, ‘NOW KISS!’…?

    Don’t worry, Ferns, you don’t need to answer that. I know that was exactly the reaction you were hoping for on this momentous occasion.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Pretty impressive! And I will echo what Stan said, absolutely!

    And I am very hopeful that you will continue, seeing that you have 26,797 draft, unpublished posts at the ready. YEAH!


    1. Thank you so much *smile*!

      Wait… noooo. Not 26,797 draft posts!! *laugh* My god! 26,797 words. Of gibberish. Unfit for human eyes.

      Most of them have been sitting there forever, ignored. The drafts folder is like a graveyard where bad ideas and terrible prose go to die and stink up the place…


    1. Thanks, and me too.

      Though this post turned out hellishly ugly with all the different colours and sizes and all that. But I was too lazy to fix it :).


  6. Congratulations, well done, and “WOO HOO!” on your 1000th post! I have been stalking, and enjoying your lovely writing since the fall of 2009, (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) and your blog remains among my very favorites! Much of what I’ve learned about D/s, I have learned from right here, so thank *YOU* for providing all of us with 6 years, and one month of wit, wisdomme, (<= is *SO* a word!) hotness, graph porn, and fun.

    It’s been a great ride, and I suspect that it will remain so… Looking forward to it. *happy smile*

    1. Hee! *laugh* ‘Wisdomme’. Nice one.

      Thanks for sticking around for so long. There should be a gold star that I can hand out to those who have been around since the beginning. We can have an awards ceremony full of glitter and champagne where everyone gets drunk and acts inappropriately.


  7. Way to go on successfully writing at the 7th grade level! ;)

    (That makes you waaaaay more sophisticated than the average newspaper reporter, WOOT!)

    Sorry, I don’t have champagne or cake. But I have chocolate chip cookies, will that work? :D

    1. *laugh* Thanks. It was such a strange piece of information from the plug-in I used to get the word count that I had to include it.

      The 1% is the post that nobody understood, but was too polite to say so… :)

      And yes, chocolate chip cookies will do nicely!


  8. Nothing much to say. I just wanted to be a commenter on this auspicious occasion.

    Oh, and I’ve enjoyed reading pretty much ever one of them. Here’s looking at the next thousand!

  9. That is quite the big thing that you’ve done Ferns, though we’ve never met I always feel like we have and are good friends, damn you geography! I would imagine the rest of the BDSM world is quite glad however *evil laugh*
    Although I notice I don’t feature on the waxed lyrical things I shall send my lawyers around in the morning!
    * fist waves*

    1. Coug, we are birds of a feather *smile*. Except you wield a cattle prod and I… um… don’t.

      I will await your lawyers with much delight. They’re bringing champagne and cake, right?


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