Survey 2011 Results part VII

Yes, I AM still posting survey results!! It will never end… NEVER, I TELL YOU!!!

Free text answers to my question:

Why do you read my blog?

Straight Male Submissive, 18-35

Graph porn obviously! Plus the grocery lists

Obviously, I don’t know why I even asked the question! Silly me!

Heteroflexible Male Submissive, 18-35

I wish I was your submissive, even though it will never happen that thought plays into a fantasy where I can serve the perfect Domme, lovingly and completely.

Awww, that’s so sweet, thank you for the lovely compliment, though just quietly… the ‘perfect Domme’ … Continue Reading

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Survey 2011 Results part VI

More belated free text survey answers to the ego driven question:

Why do you read my blog?

Heteroflexible Female Dominant, 36-45

you write very well

*big smile* Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it!

Bisexual Female Dominant, 18-35

I love the way you write!

And I love it when people love the way I write… win-win!! Yay!

Male Submissive, 56-65

Cuz you have the forced link in every message [on Fetlife] and it is really getting old! You did ask!

I *did* ask, yes. I have to point out that this gentleman went on to tell me to “Take your Continue Reading

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Survey 2011 Results part V

Wow, it’s really not like me to forget fun things like publishing self serving survey results! But I did, I forgot!! I blame hormones, or the move, or all the wild sex I’ve been having… *sigh*… ok, maybe not the latter…

Some more free form text answers to my survey from waaaay back when below:

Q: Why do you read my blog?

Queer Female Switch, 18-35

I’ve had submissives of mine write journal entries in response to your blog.

Oh, fun! I hope he doesn’t swear at me!!

Straight Female Submissive, 46-55

Found the link and clicked on it!!!

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Survey 2011 Results part IV

Ha! You didn’t think I was done milking sharing the survey results, did you? Now comes a million posts with the free form text answers…

Why do you read my blog?

bi-curious (i.e. straight, never tried the other thang) Male, Unsure, 46-55

you shut down a mind fuck ijnquiry thread on fetlife, that i wanted to contribute to. i think you were wrong. she asked for examples of mindfucks, and she got stomped as a porno- parasite. and i clicked on your hyper link.

Pffftt… I’m never wrong, and the fact that I have no recollection as to what you … Continue Reading

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Survey 2011 Results part III

Étienne asked about the demographics of the folks who responded to the ‘How Much D/s’ question in my survey. The question was ‘how much D/s do you have now, and how much would you ideally like’.

Being the obliging and curious person that I am, I did indeed slice it a little further. Since submissive men and dominant women made up nearly 75% of the respondents, I decided to look at those more closely (click on the graph to see a bigger version).

As a reminder, the categories were described like this:

  1. “In the Bedroom” – as a spice to
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Survey 2011 Results part II

More graph porn!

(click the graphs for larger, nude version…)

Explanation of categories:

  1. “In the Bedroom” – as a spice to sex
  2. ~
  3. “Scenes” – may involve sex or not
  4. ~
  5. “Kinked-up Day to Day” – light play whenever, chores are part of the dynamic, big decisions are made on an equal basis
  6. ~
  7. “Not Quite Everything” – the dom is in charge of most things, but there are carve outs, like family relationships, job, children
  8. ~
  9. “Really Everything Total Power Exchange” – no exceptions to the dom’s authority
  10. None

The majority of you want a D/s relationship with “Not … Continue Reading

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Sunday curiosity: Survey 2011 Results part I

A huge thank you (again!) to everyone who participated in my recent survey. There were around 250 respondents (wow!). That’s a considerable increase over last year (see, if I had done a graph, that would have been a much more interesting factlet!).

My blog has changed quite a bit in the last year, as have my circumstances, so I was keen to see how that was reflected in the responses. Personally, I have become more open, I think, in what I share, however I also have less sexy sex blog content due to the fact that I ain’t gettin’ any … Continue Reading

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