Update on the pretty thing

The pretty thing has a beautiful mouth, truly. Full, shapely and pillowy soft. I want to post a photo of it, and even though I know he would be okay with it, it just seems too personal right now.

I joked on twitter that I was going to post an update about him along with a photo, but “…the photos make me stupid… Words… gone… just… …fuck!!!!”

I followed up with “If I get drunk enough, I will just post a photo of the pretty thing with no text, maybe just “guh… gggmmmffgghhh…””


So where are we?

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About the pretty thing

I always debate writing about nebulous things, because this, with the pretty thing, is not really a ‘thing’, but it’s a ‘thing’ in that he is getting inside my head, and when someone takes up residence there, I want to write about it even though it is difficult for various reasons (I’ve written about this blogging dilemma) before.

The pretty thing contacted me about 3 months ago, an articulate, chatty introduction email in response to my initial workout post calling for people to come join me. He wanted to join me.

In his introductory note was this little … Continue Reading

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Introducing the pretty thing

This is my pretty thing.

Young and nowhere near me, he tortures me from afar. Also, he does yoga.

pretty thing

Yeah, I know, right? *swoon*


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Pretty thing

The first photo I saw of you was innocently posted in public. A casually posed shot, careless, a little blurry with movement, shirtless, showing an obviously lean body, no detail, a shock of dark hair.

My comment on it was understated, controlled, it was, after all, a photo of some boy I didn’t know and I am rarely moved by them, though I can appreciate beauty in many forms.

“…and thank you muchly for the eye candy you have already provided in your profile photo. You are a very pretty boy indeed.”

Fast forward several months: now I know you. … Continue Reading

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How to get a Domme to shut up…

[Snippet of an IM conversation with a lovely flirty boy who lives nowhere near me… I am sensibly and tediously talking about the difference between remote connection and real life…]

Him: You wouldn’t like to know what I feel like?

Me: You forget that I have experience with this… of meeting someone and ‘it’ was just not there, though remotely it very much seemed like it was. Chemistry is indefinable, so my point is that everything up to meeting is imagination and wishful thinking. And that shit is powerful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate.
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The agreement is clearly laid out:

  • He will get on cam and do half an hour of yoga.
  • He will do it shirtless.
  • We will not speak beforehand.
  • I will initiate the call at the agreed time.
  • He will turn the webcam on, I will verify by IM that I can see, and he will begin.
  • He is to pretend I am not watching. No mugging for the cam, no sly smiles, no showing off.

He has never been on cam for me, though I have seen him already in photos and video clips that he has sent me over … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXIII

Hello lovely-boy-who-sends-me-his-impossible-beauty,

Photos like that make me talk to myself.

I am mostly incoherent.

Even to myself.

The veins in your arm are a nice touch. Did you put them there just for me? Thank you.

Also, oh my fucking god.


Ferns… Continue Reading

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