Another femdom interview for Masocast

© Masocast by UnspeakableAxe

The lovely Axe from the Masocast invited me to have another chat with him and of course I said ‘yes’ to that :).

My fourth interview for the Masocast! I am clearly his favourite :P.

My earlier interviews can be found here:

And here we are at number four :).

Some snippets:

I cannot say it’s because of that,

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Femdom in Second Life: Roth

I still haven’t ventured into the femdom sims since I last posted about femdom in Second Life, for the record. Instead I am trying my hand at adding scripts to simple objects because I’m curious and it’s fun to learn new things. RLV scripts, to be specific.


Patience, grasshopper.

RLV stands for Restrained Love Viewer.

RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) enhances your Second Life experience

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Femdom in Second Life: Eleven years on

© 'SL Images (clockwise from top left): Sub in a hanging ball cage, my avi, tattoos, knife-wings, cock handcuffs'

I ventured into Second Life to check out the femdom sims some eleven years ago.

I wrote some posts about how I found femdom in Second Life way back then:

Recently I was contacted by a lovely submissive, Roth, who was spending time in Second Life (SL) and I ventured back in with … Continue Reading

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Food for the soul

Food for the soul

© Food for the soul, photos by Ferns

I’m spending time with family in this week leading up to Christmas, and for Christmas day itself.

For a while there it looked like we may not be able to spend Christmas together because of covid-related travel restrictions.

To make sure we could have time together, at the peak of the restrictions we booked a place in the mountains in a ‘neutral’ travel zone that everyone in our small family could get to. In the … Continue Reading

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Femdom ramblings

Long time readers know about my femdom ramblings, which are less ABOUT femdom, but they are BY a femdom so I’m still claiming it. I do these femdom ramblings from time-to-time when I’m struggling to come up with topics to write about because my head is fuzzy, but I still want to write something or I fear I will never put anything down ever again.

I’m very much trying to keep my blog a positive … Continue Reading

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From relationships past

Little reach-outs from relationships long past are strange things. I’ve mentioned a few over the years but was musing over a few others that came out of the blue.

None has had the same impact as my first submissive’s, but those jolts from the past were still a surprise.

My first proper boyfriend: 15 years later

I can’t remember the last time I saw my first proper boyfriend from when I was 16 or … Continue Reading

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Later that afternoon

Public domain mark'Bike, sea' by Unknown

Cycling north along the beach with the wind at our backs, the sun shining, and the surf endlessly rolling in, we could only just see our destination. The headland, far off in the distance, the salty haze making it shimmer in the distance. There was almost nobody around. Someone walking their dog, another person fishing, a surfer out the back of the break. Then miles of empty beach.

I always like the idea of a … Continue Reading

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