Toy inventory

When I wrote about strap-on harnesses (yeah, like anyone forgot, cock perves!), I took out my toybox (which I *wish* was a fabulous old trunk that sat mysteriously at the end of my bed all sexy-like, but is actually a Samsonite lockable suitcase in bright orange that I hide under the bed) so that I could check the construction of one of my harnesses to answer a commenter’s post.

The suitcase has since been sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor because I am lazy, and I have managed to smash both my big and little toes into it … Continue Reading

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Bought and did not buy

I bought this on the weekend. It is beautiful, with 25 inch shoestring leather tails and a lovely hefty weight… *swoon*:

I did not buy this Vollers corset. I tried on a stunning red one and loved the cinched in waist and fabulous curvy look, but I really wanted black and he did not have any in my size… *cries and cries*:

I also bought groceries, but I know you don’t care about that!

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New toys

I have been in some sort of buying frenzy these last couple of months…

But the sweetest new toys are the last two, made for me by my boy.


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