Hello Ma’am

SGC of the wonderful Submissive Guy Comics tumblr recently posted this really sad comic.

When I saw it, it brought back a rush of memories. My memories are usually packed away and mostly inaccessible without concerted effort, but they are sitting close to the surface for me at the moment because of my anniversary post. When I was thinking about what to write, I looked back on old posts and personal writings to find something that seemed a fitting topic, so quite a few things that are normally hidden away are floating right there in my peripheral vision.

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On the occasion of my not-really blog anniversary

Holy fuck, this blog is 5 years old!

Okay okay, I confess, 5 years and one month and one day because I am rubbish at keeping track of these things and forgot about it, then I realised yesterday, and couldn’t be arsed to write a post and so, here we are at 5 years, one month and one day old (I would like to point out that I could have lied about that because I bet none of you would have checked and called me on it! But I’m an honest sort).

I think I’m supposed to throw out stats … Continue Reading

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My sent emails VII

[This was the start of my relationship with my snowflake.  He emailed me on his first day on the BDSM site and, well, there I was… And submissives say finding a Domme is difficult… pfffttt…  Re the soap reference, his profile was hilarious and he had listed ‘soap making’ as one of his fetishes (as you do, right?)…]

Hello CuteNicknameBoy,

Smart, funny, articulate…be still my beating heart.

And a lifelong supply of soap to boot (not made of human body parts is it, because that’s kind of a deal killer).

How much better can it get?


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No more…

“I can’t do this anymore…” He blurted it out in a rush, like he had to release it or it would never come out.

I looked at him. They were the first words out of his mouth after our greeting through the car window. I had pulled up outside the restaurant, he was waiting there for me. It was obvious that he had a lot more to say.

I nodded at him. “Wait, we can talk about it…”

I went and parked, walked back to the restaurant, my head not yet spinning, not yet in turmoil. I was curious, that’s … Continue Reading

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This kiss

“Kneel,” I say, and my stomach lurches with lust as you immediately drop to your knees, your hands still clasped behind your head.

I tilt your chin up, lean down and bring your mouth to me, touching your lips softly with mine, nudging your mouth open. I hold back a moan in my throat as you aggressively reach up for more, your tongue entering my mouth, and I return your kiss hard, pulling your mouth tighter against mine with a fist in your hair.

We stay there, locked in this never ending kiss that reaches straight into my core and … Continue Reading

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No rules

She looks at him.

“I’m so sorry Ma’am,” he says again, contrition written on his face.

“Did you forget, or did you just decide it wasn’t important?” she asks.

“I just didn’t… think of it. I forgot Ma’am…” he offers, knowing his answer is inadequate.

“I see.”

“I have no excuse, I’m truly sorry Ma’am.”

“How many rules do you have? How many things do I ask for boy?”

“Five Ma’am, there are only five.”

“Do you think that’s unreasonable? Do you think that’s too much for you?”

“No! No Ma’am… I just… I just fucked up… please…”

“Do I … Continue Reading

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Holding back

She led him back to the bed, still blindfolded, and made him get on it, lying in the centre, face up.

She attached his cuffed wrists to the corners of the bed, sliding her naked body across him, leaning on him, enjoying the feel of his skin under hers. She moved down his body and put ankle cuffs on him, spreading his legs wide, attaching them to the ropes at the bottom of the bed. When he was spreadeagled and bound, she sat back and looked at him. He looked incredible; lean-muscled, strong, vulnerable, sightless, helpless. And his cock was … Continue Reading

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