Every damn day in June: Slut

Public domain mark'Boy! I sure did a good day's work today' by National Archives at College Park

This is the very last of my #EveryDamnDayInJune posts.

I did not QUITE make a post every day. 26 posts this month though. Woot!!

It’s surprisingly difficult to write every day. Well, unless you start posting your shopping list (I did that once, you know :P).

I know quite a few sex bloggers who create daily content month after month, and it’s an astounding level of motivation, inspiration, and work. Kudos to them, go give them all the love!

Did you know that ‘slut’ means ‘final’ in Swedish? Adding this just in case you thought I was suddenly

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© 'Utility garter (no longer available)' by Five & Diamond

Note: This is another draft dragged up from the depths (of 2014!). Ha! Did I mention that I have about 200 drafts started and then abandoned here on the blog? I do. With this one, I knew the photos were terrible, and I was planning to do better ones. I never did, of course. And here we are :).

This is an amazing leather garter belt that I was lucky enough to be gifted by a very generous friend for my birthday.

It’s a beautiful soft leather, with adorable leather ruffles around the legs, and little steel d-rings and … Continue Reading

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Woman woman

© 'Diana Gordon, Woman [still from video]'

My new anthem.
(THIS is the song I was looking for when I became smitten by Song Of Women and posted that instead).

Woman, woman
Got a whole lot of nerve, she the flame in the fire
She’s a lover and a fighter and a king and a mother
Turn a boy to a man, build a whole empire
That woman got a story
With her halo standing in her glory

Woman woman
Take a trip to the moon on the curves of her body
One hand on her pussy and the other on a Harley
She could dance all … Continue Reading

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I’ve been trying to sort out some issues on my blog (I know at least some of you have noticed that it’s been down a few times in the last week or so because you dropped me a note to let me know (thank you, I really appreciate that :)).

So while troubleshooting tonight, I made the entire thing crash (again) and to get it back up I had to [blah blah boring blah] and I was doing that instead of writing a goddamn #EveryDamnDayInJune post.

If some parts of the blog aren’t working (and they probably aren’t if you’re … Continue Reading

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This, that, and that other thing

Public domain mark'Untitled' by Free-Photos

This is one of those posts.

Long time readers know the ones.

Where I haven’t written for a while, where I’m not having any thoughts really worth writing about, but I still want to write something or I fear I will come back to find an age has passed and my last post was in 1952.

When I get this way I do a general update, a bit of a ‘what’s going on over here’ post of femdom randomness (not that the topic is ‘femdom’, just that I’m a female dominant, so it’s all femdom!).

Trying to jog myself out … Continue Reading

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Femdom for bushfire relief: Final tally

Opera house sails

My ‘Femdom for bushfire relief‘ ran for 7 days last week.

I’ve started writing this update a couple of times, and I swear my emotions are living right on the surface right now. I don’t know why they insist on sitting there, but there they are. Everything to do with what is going on here with the bushfires makes me cry.

The bad makes me cry because it’s horrific and frightening and rage-making and awful.

The good makes me cry because it’s the best of people, of human kindness, of beauty, of hope, of community.

All of it … Continue Reading

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Femdom for bushfire relief

Child in boat in Mallacoota

UPDATE 11 jAN: This fundraising campaign is now over. Thank you all so very much for your support, your donations, and for your enormous generosity. The final tally is here!

The bushfires here are not near me. I’m safe, my family and friends are safe. We’re lucky.

The closest fires were more than 50kms away from my home, and the only effects I experienced while people were losing their homes was a smoke haze that drifted to where I live.

I took that photo above on November 10th. It was only the start.

The fires here have been burning … Continue Reading

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