How to make Milo

This is a Very Important Topic*.

Milo is a chocolate malt drink that is a staple in Australia, right up there with Vegemite. The value of Milo (vs other chocolate milk additives) is that it’s crunchy, so when you have it, you have to embrace the crunchiness of it and not waste it.

There is much debate about the best way to have Milo, and in the interests of world wide education, I have produced a video that definitively demonstrates the best and only way to consume Milo.

If you disagree, you are just wrong and I won’t hear another word about it.

Without further ado, for your edification and education: How to make Milo.

* Not important at all. Not even a little bit…

** Yes I KNOW this has nothing to do with D/s, though any potential submissives should take note…

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  1. I have had this wonderful substance, in just the manner you prescribed and it was quite a treat. It took a couple of times to get it just right, as this is a much more technical procedure than… say… the “Tim-Tam Slam”. (Which is a different thing all together)

    Anyway, I also used Milo as an ice cream topping, (LOVELY) as well as mixing it with cake icing. (also excellent)

    They have something that they call Milo, here in the States, but IT’S NOT THE SAME THING! Proper Milo must be imported from Australia… Totally worth the effort.

  2. So interesting all the different foods and techniques around the world. I had never heard of Milo, so your video made me think of Ovaltine, which sounds similar. And, from the sources I found, it is similar, easier to mix into cold milk than Milo, less chocolate flavor.

    Sounds like Ovaltine won’t be the same the way you like to do it, which sounds yummy. The cooking technique is the key to so many foods.

    I should get down to Australia some time…

  3. Lovely. Best tutorial *evah!*. I’ll find me some Milo and eat it like that. (They should have it at the Asian store). If not, I can practice with Ovaltine.

  4. Every time I see posts about Milo, my first thoughts are of the grain (also called sorghum). Lots of it is grown around my area, and for a couple of summers in middle school I had a temporary job cutting weeds out of the fields with a machete.

    This is what it looks like in a field:
    And this is what it looks like when harvested:

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