Here is your princess

Still from Aldous Harding's Horizon video

I’ve not felt much like writing, so let me instead give you the gift that is Aldous Harding, a New Zealand artist whose songs and film clips are utterly compelling. I’m a little obsessed with her.

Let me put the water in the bowl
For your wounds, babe
Let me fill you up with the fingers of love
You can’t lose babe
When you watch me play, does it feel bad, darlin’
When they choose me?

Here is your princess
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I’m away from home at the moment, on another continent, a vacation, a scoping out. No, not meeting a potential (come on, like I’d be able to keep that to myself!), more’s the pity.

Random things floating around in my head.


I have some internet connectivity, but I am uninterested in it. It seems so far away. This is a good thing. I am so used to being plugged in, that a break must be healthy for me. To be sure I can survive it, should the apocalypse start with a sharp slide into disconnectedness.

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That’s what I am…

I can rule your world ’cause baby I am the Queen
Aphrodite couldn’t hold a candle to me…

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When the moment comes…

Just because it makes me happy…

“You will know what to do
When the moment comes”

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I’ll be the moon

If your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
I’ll be the moon that shines on your path

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Nothing’s real

I put it all away
Holding it down for a rainy day
But what if that day don’t come

Nothing’s real without love

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…this gentle sting between us…

I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs
I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs
I’m a fool for your belly

Stay open…

Rhye – OpenContinue Reading “…this gentle sting between us…”

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