Change of address… really now…

Later today, I am going to move the blog… eeekkk!!!

For those of you whose feeds do not update, or who are ‘following’ the blog, this may be the last post you see from me in your reader until you update the feed from the new site.

So if you are looking for me, by the end of today, the 27th December, I will be here:

Anyone using the old blogspot address should be redirected automatically.

See you over there, it will look just like it does here… kind of dull really…

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  1. Google Error
    Not Found
    The requested URL / was not found on this server.

    Ah yes, I've been there. This may take a couple of days, since it was Xmas weekend.

    Or try going back into the Google Blogger dashboard, the the Settings tab, and click the Custom Domain link, then Advanced Settings, and make sure that the new addy is in the link box.

    Note that it was working the other day, so you (or Google) may have accidentally reset it.

  2. Tom Allen: “Ah yes, I've been there.”

    Awww… Bless your little cotton socks. I appreciate very much that you went there (my first visitor! YAY!) and the kind advice, but Tom, Tom, Tom… come and sit here by me for a moment… *pats the bench beside her*

    Listen carefully…

    …by the end of today, the 27th December, I will be here…

    Is it the end of the day yet? Hmmm? No, no it's not! Not even here, in Australia, where we *live in the future!!*

    Patience, grasshopper… I haven't even finished packing my boxes yet!


  3. Perhaps I was confused because I was able to visit your new domain several times over the last few days, and even left a couple of comments.

    Hmm. It used a WordPress theme, and you had a plug-in for comments, and there were some other things that don't look like this one…

    :stamps foot:

    I did. I did see a different blog, I tell you!

  4. Tom Allen: “:stamps foot: I did. I did see a different blog, I tell you!”

    Petulance is so cute!! As is delusional stalking! *laugh*

    Ok, ok, there WAS a blog there, yes, I was madly testing before moving my baby over… Did not every post say “This is a test”, “This is another test”. “More testing” etc…?

    You left comments?

    *Goes to look for the “OMG Ferns, your last few posts are the most boringest things ever ever EVER!!! You SUCK!” comments…*


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