My Sent Emails LVII

Note: This is not current, it’s a previously-written draft from my stash.

Against my better judgement, and with twitter encouragement, I offered to meet a submissive with whom I had exchanged only one email. I happened to be in his town for the weekend, and look, that kind of ‘hello, let’s meet’ works for some people, soooo…

I couldn’t make the meeting in the end, which meant we had a chance to email further and … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LVI

I normally don’t give context for these, but this one needs context.

I had literally not heard from this submissive in 9 months. In our last correspondence he’d said he would be up my way soon and I said I’d consider meeting. He’d also said he’d done a reading and offered to send it to me. Then he never followed up with either of those. In fact, I never heard from him again.

I didn’t … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LV

Hello One-Line-Email-Guy-Who-Wants-Me-To-‘Use Him’-Online,

On the remote possibility that you’re open to learning.

Dominant women on these sites get a million of these emails a day from random strangers who, let’s be honest, want to wank.

A one line email from some random dude (with nothing appealing in his profile, no photos, no site activity, or any hint that he’s going to be awesome) wanting online play is not a thing that is even remotely appealing. … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LIV

Hello 20yo-stranger,

“Would it be too much to ask to have a chat with you on kik?”

Yes, it would, I only get into private chats with friends.

“I love…[blah blah]… Makes me hard thinking about it.”

And I only give my details to friends because of this. Seriously, this would interest me why?

If you have actually read my blog as you say, I’m pretty damn sure that there is not a single place … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LIII

Hello New-No-Profile-No-Pic-Sub-Guy,

Welcome to Fetlife.

You’re a mature man who presumably has met women before, had relationships, all that jazz.

I know this whole thing with BDSM and all is new to you, but here’s a tip: If you contact women on here, imagine you’re on a vanilla dating site, RSVP, OKcupid, and proceed accordingly.

Think about that for a second. Imagine having no profile information, nothing at all about yourself, no photo, you’re just … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LII

Hello Scandinavian_fellow,
legs w cuff

Thank you for your email. You are in Norway, so I doubt you will be able to offer me anything that I want.

Feel free to contact me again when you have moved to Australia and are within reasonable travelling distance to actually have a relationship.

You said: “i’ll attach a picture so You see who i am.”

That is a photo of Stilrobin Fröström, and I don’t for a second believe that’s … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LI

I sent this after a couple of exchanges where I addressed his ‘online cam slave looking for a mistress’ inquiry by suggesting he look for a reputable pro-Domme who can serve his desires.

Hello ‘slave’,

“But I don’t want a pro domme I want to be with one mistress in a fulfilling relationship”

This is a ridiculous statement given you’ve already explained what you want, and it’s this:

“I’m an online cam slave seeking Continue Reading

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