My sent emails LII

Hello Scandinavian_fellow,
legs w cuff

Thank you for your email. You are in Norway, so I doubt you will be able to offer me anything that I want.

Feel free to contact me again when you have moved to Australia and are within reasonable travelling distance to actually have a relationship.

You said: “i’ll attach a picture so You see who i am.”

That is a photo of Stilrobin Fröström, and I don’t for a second believe that’s you. If you are going to show photos of someone else and pretend it’s you, then I suggest you find an image that is more … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LI

I sent this after a couple of exchanges where I addressed his ‘online cam slave looking for a mistress’ inquiry by suggesting he look for a reputable pro-Domme who can serve his desires.

Hello ‘slave’,

“But I don’t want a pro domme I want to be with one mistress in a fulfilling relationship”

This is a ridiculous statement given you’ve already explained what you want, and it’s this:

“I’m an online cam slave seeking a mistress I have few limits and I’m into degrading tasks on cam”
“she’ll (for example) [do this sexy thing to me do that sexy Continue Reading

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My sent emails L

[He (re-)introduced himself with the line “How is it possible that you are still single?”, then asked if we could be ‘friends’ (again)]

Hello dude-I-haven’t-spoken-to-in-ages-who-suddenly-wants-to-be-friends,

I remember chatting to you.

I seem to recall you had quite the interest in boots or shoes and incessantly returned to it as a topic of conversation. When I redirected the conversation to more interesting topics, you bailed.

That was fine with me, no big deal. It was a casual chat, and of course nobody wants to spend time on exchanges that aren’t interesting to them. I harbour no bad feelings about it, … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XLIX


hello mistress..

Hello 25Msub-in-another-country,

Stolen picture, nowhere near me, two word email.

No thank you.


For your amusement, this was the picture he had on his profile (cropped to exclude the cover details and the head of course, for anonymity :P). It is Russian model Matt Voskrebentsev, photographed by Sasha Kosmos. SEEMS TOTALLY LEGIT!… Continue Reading

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Heavy sighs & fine-ness

I have written more, lots, reams, but I just don’t feel like posting it because REASONS.

So, this:

Hello cougarling,

Thank you so much for all the travel you did to come and spend time with me, I really appreciate it.

I enjoyed so much about our time together: you’re lovely, and you’re so beautiful, and I feel like there is more to explore. I’d be delighted to see you again to kiss and pet and play some more if you would enjoy that also.

But given how we communicate, trying to build a long term relationship over this … Continue Reading

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Sent emails: Kissing date

Further to your ‘yes!’ to a kissing date, I’m going to give you some detail so you know what to expect.

It’s a date for the sole purpose of kissing. Just that. No food, no drinks, no chit chat, no hanging out, no going anywhere.

  • Kissing, stroking, petting (and some other naturally related things that flow from it… see below): yes.
  • Chit chat, fucking, orgasms: no.

I’d play it by ear, but I want to be a little careful with you. The following list of things are in the realms of possibility (it’s not a ‘will do’ list, it’s a … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XLVIII

To: dom-who-decided-to-be-an-online-sub

Hello there,

I was going to leave this unanswered because you are right, I’m not interested, but you seem genuinely perplexed at my response, so in the interests of ‘random acts of education’, I thought I would try and help.

I’m going to keep this short since you will either find it useful or think I am an interfering bint who should piss off, and I don’t want to waste either of our time.

1. It is disingenuous to call what you offer ‘online service’ when what you mean is ‘online play’

2. Service is ‘providing something that … Continue Reading

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