Maybe kissing

I trawled OKCupid for men I felt moved to contact last week. I do that from time to time and I send a message if they look interesting.

There wasn’t a single profile that motivated me to send a note. Not one. Not even a ‘you aren’t a match for me but great profile/funny comment/cute photos’ kind of note.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having this experience. It’s one of the reasons I rarely actively look. I find it not just frustrating, but kind of depressing.

In the meantime, holy fuck beautiful eyes is back in the country next … Continue Reading

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Holy fuck beautiful eyes: Well hello there

Holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes has been out of the country since our kissing date (nothing to do with me, I promise!).

We have kept in sporadic touch: a few texts, the occasional flurry of emails, some light flirting.

Some of our exchanges feel like a kind of esoteric dance. He throws in little snippets that capture my attention, make me think, puzzle or intrigue me.

“i think the engaging thing between us might be,
that you are capable of doing anything,
and i am capable of letting anything happen”

I feel like I do a quizzical head-tilt when I read some of it, … Continue Reading

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Zing zing, or not

I’ve mentioned before that I sent holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes a random message out of the blue, not because he was a potential partner, just because he was beautiful and his OKCupid profile was smart and interesting. My profile there is all about the D/s: I don’t ‘hide’ it in secret code somehow, so he saw all that up-front. We agreed very early on that we weren’t a match, but still, the light conversation and flirting continued.

Despite the ‘not a match’ thing, we got to the stage where I proposed a kissing date. *No other local men with whom I have Continue Reading

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Kissing date: strobe light impressions

The slightly awkward hello of strangers. A few words to reiterate the rules. A blindfold slipped over his head. I held his hand in my lap while I took off my shoes. I kissed his fingers, his palms, gently stroking his bare skin, easing into this intimate contact.


He offered to be bound, told me there was ‘stuff’ in the drawer. There was: collar, cuffs, and a clip. No rope. I bound one of his wrists to the bed frame using both cuffs. He started giving me instructions on where to find rope. I stopped him.
“I’m sure if … Continue Reading

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Kissing date: Sooo… how was it?

Oddly, I haven’t felt like writing about it. I feel a little like I’m hugging it to myself, quietly turning it over and petting it.

Let me say this, though: Three hours of kissing with a completely lovely vanilla man who called me ‘Ma’am’, who invited me to tie him up, who let me hurt him and asked for more, who was responsive and crazy-hot under the onslaught, who was beautiful prey for me.

Yes. Yes please.

Kissing date. A-1. Would do again.


Edited to add: Those eyes: holy fuck, beautiful! Truly stunning.… Continue Reading

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Kissing date mark II

I didn’t want to talk about this until it was a SURE THING. Because, well, you know.

But since I’m posting this as I walk out the door to meet him, unless he’s a no show (he won’t be), fuck yeah, kissing date!

Holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes kept in casual touch after cancelling our kissing date (as he said pointedly to me, he DID offer dinner and a chat instead to which I replied that that’s like offering a nice salad with low fat dressing to someone who was expecting a roomful of chocolate).

We exchanged a few innocuous friendly emails that … Continue Reading

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Kissing date? What kissing date?


So holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes pulled out of the kissing date.

It was supposed to be tomorrow night. Yesterday we were finalising plans. Today he told me that a woman he had been on a few dates with had expressed serious interest in him this morning, and he was equally interested in her. Given that had arisen, he didn’t think it would be right to go ahead with the kissing date.

Understandably, relationship-potential trumps stranger-kissing.

He offered a chaste meal-and-conversation date instead: I declined. I mentioned before that we aren’t a match and one of the reasons for the ‘no talking’ … Continue Reading

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