Lifting out

Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 mark'Passion fruit' by Paul Munhoven

Hauling myself out of a slump is tricky. If I try too hard, I rail against myself like I somehow want to see me fail. It’s ridiculous, and yet it’s true.

I mentioned that I signed up to this 10 week challenge at my gym which is meant to be all full-on, and it can be, but given I’m a bit broken I’m taking it relatively easy.

What it’s about for me is having an external goal to think about vs just rattling around inside my own head like some demented ferret. And the gym-driven program gives me some system … Continue Reading

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Some whine? Don’t mind if I do…

I’m in kind of a slump. I’ve been here before, it will pass, but talking about it is better than not talking about it I guess.

Being slumpy makes me not want to do things that I know will help me lift out of the slump because my brain goes ‘But I don’t waaaaaannnt to’ like a three year old. So it’s a self perpetuating slump. A never ending circle of slumpiness. Slumposity (they are so real words!).

Working on my ‘How To’ Femdom Series is helping some. Having a project to work on that I care about is good … Continue Reading

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Body project update

I haven’t written about my body project for ages. The main reason is that I’ve been pretty much in maintenance mode forever.

I’ve been gymming and Pilatesing (is SO a word!) 5 times a week, not phoning it in, but also not challenging myself.

And while I’d love to pretend maintenance mode keeps me in peak shape, it doesn’t of course.

So I’m a bit softer, a bit weaker, a bit jigglier than I was.

I’ve just come back from about 8 weeks off. I was overseas for three of them, and then I had a back injury that scared … Continue Reading

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So whose bicep IS that?

Here are the results of our bicep guessing game.

  • Only one person publicly got them all 100% right in the comments (yay you, Berkson)!

Well, technically, Thumper also got 100% right in the comments, but I know that he *actually* only got 7 right (because he said so). I assume he did the quiz, then accidentally transcribed the correct ANSWERS shown at the end into his comment.

  • Only one (Anonymous) person who did the quiz got them 100% right. I can’t parse out any more detailed stats (like ‘how many guessed what’ from the quiz-doers. Boo!).

Results (thank … Continue Reading

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Whose bicep is that?

Some of the Ferns Workout Crew¬†(#fwocrew) are participating in a little game of ‘whose bicep is that?’ (thanks @DommeFarenheit for the idea!). You’re most welcome to join in if you want *smile*!

We have each submitted a bicep picture (on the right below) and I’ve put our twitter names on the left. Of course the object is to match them up (A-3 for example).

It’s a fun bit of silliness that obviously works better if you know a little about us (I’m sure many of you will recognise the names of some very talented¬†sex bloggers … Continue Reading

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The Ferns Workout Crew (#fwocrew): an explanation

There’s recently been some confusion about what the Ferns Workout Crew (twitter hashtag #fwocrew) is and isn’t, and I started to explain on twitter, but it was all TOO HARD. So here it is.

I started the ‘Ferns Workout Crew’ forever ago when I was struggling to stay motivated to go to the gym.

I did a callout for folks who were willing to commit to workouts with me, and who would commit to supporting each other on twitter.

The crew has since grown to 15 17 20 people now, which is awesome!

However I recently had a … Continue Reading

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Results of crossfit

I kept meaning to write about the results of doing crossfit at the end of last year. It’s been forever now, so it hardly seems worth talking about it, but I’m doing it anyway.

There was a special offer at a nearby gym for 6 weeks of crossfit. I’ve always been terrified of it because the likelihood of injury seemed to be really high. Plus I’m an extreme introvert who is not competitive, so the whole ‘group training’ and ‘rah rah’ and ‘aiming to beat each other’ had me making THAT face (you know, THAT face: the lip-curled eww-face).

Anyway, … Continue Reading

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