How To Handle Disobedience: Book launch special!

Aaaahhh, my fourth ‘How To’ femdom guide is out, it’s out!!

How To Handle Disobedience, for dominant women

For the first 24 hours post-launch it’s half price on Amazon!

As with my other guides, I’ve honed in on a problem that I see new dominants striking all the time. Some version of the following:
“My submissive won’t do what I say! What do I do?”
“What to do when my submissive says no?”
“What do I do if my submissive disobeys?”
“How do I stop my submissive when they’re being a brat?”

It doesn’t matter whether your submissive … Continue Reading

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How to handle disobedience

My new book (coming out soon!), How To Handle Disobedience, is for new dominant women who struggle with obedience in their femdom dynamic. It’s a deeper dive into the approach I outlined in this post, “What to do when your submissive says ‘no’” (one of my most popular posts).

I’ve been around for a long time, and one of the reasons I started my ‘How To’ Femdom Series was to give down-to-earth practical help to newbies, both dominant women and submissive men.

Rather than giving some high level ‘whole of dynamic’ advice, I honed in on issues … Continue Reading

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Domme Chronicles book: Half price for non-Amazon users

Last month I offered Domme Chronicles on sale on Amazon. This month I’m reaching out to readers who are not on Amazon. Yes, you!

Domme Chronicles: Tales of love, passion & domination, my book of femdom erotica, is HALF PRICE on Smashwords for this week only. Available in mobi (kindle) format AS WELL AS in epub, pdf (and more) versions for non-kindle owners.

Here’s what people said about it in their 5 star reviews:

–“One of the most fascinating collection of stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The author has an amazing ability at capturing your

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Domme Chronicles book sale: Last day

Need a reason to buy my Domme Chronicles book of femdom erotica (other than ‘it’s less than half price, and I told you to’ I mean)?

Read this heartbreakingly lovely email that landed in my inbox <3. Then go get it.

Hi Ferns,

I wanted to pass along my deep appreciation to you for the Domme Chronicles book. It’s beautiful. Each short excerpt is like a love letter to that moment, frozen in time. Some of them are so intimate it makes the heart physically ache in reading them. It captures the grace and beauty that intimacy through power exchange creates, and it does … Continue Reading

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Domme Chronicles book: On sale for a limited time

Domme Chronicles: Tales of love, passion & domination, my book of femdom erotica vignettes, is LESS THAN HALF PRICE on Amazon for a limited time.

It’s definitely not a Valentine’s day sale, though it is on special until the 14th. This is an utter coincidence!

Normally $6.99, currently $2.99.

Here’s what people said about it in their 5 star reviews:

— “Both fierce & touching, playful one moment & violent the next”

— “This is a real jewel. Gritty and nasty, soft and sweet.”

— “Ferns’ book is amazing.”

— “Some of [the stories] are quite brutal but at

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‘Rage: Retribution’ available now!

‘Rage: Retribution’ is now available on Amazon and in other stores!

It’s my first fiction piece and a huge departure from the kind of content I normally do, so it’s entirely new territory for me on multiple fronts. Yikes!

You can download Chapter 1 here (Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature is currently truncating way too early: I’m trying to get that fixed).


A millionaire reality-TV star becomes president: He unleashes a new age of ignorance and hatred upon the country, tainting everything he touches with corruption and greed.

He represents and encourages the worst of humanity, and each … Continue Reading

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‘Rage: Retribution’, Chapter 1 FREE

‘Rage: Retribution’ will be available on Amazon soon.

In case you missed it, this is the upshot:

A malignant narcissist brings a country to its knees.
One angry femdom has had enough.
By the time she’s done with him, she will have changed everything.

In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to share the first chapter with you to give you a preview of it. FREE STUFF!

…… Continue Reading

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