Weekend date

I was right about him.

I was right to contact him in the first place. I was right to listen when he addressed my concerns about his situation. I was right to invite him to visit.

He is completely lovely.

I picked him up from the airport Friday night, his face lit up when he recognised me from my photos which is always a lovely thing (it is such a difficult thing for me, …

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Safety rules

Staying safe is a product of any number of things, and obviously this applies especially in the world of BDSM-related dating where it can be even easier for dangerous people to hide behind a veil of D/s type activities.

I’ve written before that newbies should do as I say, not as I do because what I SAY about safety actually makes a lot more objective sense than what I DO.

The reasons for that …

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Meeting with my American boyfriend…

I’ve spent time with him before but it’s rare and precious. I picked Drew up from the airport around noon, and we started with lunch and drinks here:


Then we went to my place for champagne and lots of talks and secret-telling.

He let me handle his gorgeous chastity device: the Axel by Steelwerks:

Steelwerks chastity device

And this is the key to his chastity device around my neck. It’s beautiful and it suits me, no?

Conversation …

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A date with my First

Next weekend my First is flying in to spend the weekend.

He’s arriving on Saturday morning, staying nearby overnight, and heading off Sunday. He’s hired a car, so there’ll be no picking him up at the airport in fabulous heels and doing that squinty-confused face where I’m terrified I won’t recognise him.

In fact, we’re meeting at my gym (not kidding!). He’s a gym-head from way back (his body reflects this… phew!) and I asked …

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Meeting DualDrew

So I met a cute boy on the weekend.

Something that always stresses me out when meeting someone off the internet is the fear of not recognising them despite having exchanged photos. I hate it.

Photos are never enough to be sure (really, before meeting someone, we should exchange photos of ourselves looking a bit unsure and confused because THAT’S the expression we’re all wearing when we’re eyeing off strangers and thinking ‘Is that them? …

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Meeting a cute boy

I rarely meet people off the internet unless they are potential partners.

I’m not a friendly person: I hate meeting people, and I hate socialising, so unless there’s a chance of at LEAST getting some kissing out of it, I’m not interested.

I made an exception for the lovely switch because, well, he was so very lovely. I also made an exception for climbing boy, because he was super sweet and local. With both …

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Meeting with a submissive man

We had been emailing/chatting for some 12 months (he checked yesterday: his first email to me was 1st September last year). Perhaps we had some voice calls also, I forget.

He’s a local boy, sweet and smart, quite a bit younger than me. Our contact was on and off, he developed a crush, but he’s not a potential. He’s partnered and his relationship was messy. Even meeting for a friendly chat over coffee made me …

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