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Hello 20yo-stranger,

“Would it be too much to ask to have a chat with you on kik?”

Yes, it would, I only get into private chats with friends.

“I love…[blah blah]… Makes me hard thinking about it.”

And I only give my details to friends because of this. Seriously, this would interest me why?

If you have actually read my blog as you say, I’m pretty damn sure that there is not a single place in it where I have stated, or implied, or even vaguely hinted that the state of some stranger’s hardon is of the slightest interest to me. At all. Nor do I care what list of things turn him on, what his fetishes are or what his fantasies might be. Really. Don’t care.

I’m sure you are a decent man, and mean no harm here.

A genuine piece of advice for you in case you want to do better. When you first talk to women you don’t know, imagine a scenario where some strange man is approaching your sister. In his first few sentences, he tells her (without any encouragement from her) what makes his dick hard. Would you be advising your sister that this is clearly a quality man who genuinely wants to get to know her better and that she should expend energy on him?

This is probably the most useful post on my blog and will give you some insight into why I have not responded favourably to your email: Advice for the newly minted submissive man seeking.

I wish you luck finding what you are seeking.


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  1. It’s irksome when a stranger barges into your inbox and it’s clear he hasn’t read your profile/blog/other information readily available to him.

    But it beggars belief when a stranger barges into your inbox and it’s clear he hasn’t read your profile/blog/other information readily available to him BUT CLAIMS HE HAS READ SAME.

    What in heavens name is the point? Even Copy/Pasting his usual come on, which takes 30 seconds, is a waste of time. Sincerely, men — what is your hoped-for outcome here?

    1. Right?!

      I HAVE to assume it works sometimes. I mean, it must… numbers game and all that.

      At least this one paid enough attention to know that I HAD a blog, so there was that :P.

      Seriously, though, it’s astounding to me that none of them have the brains to craft a really smart, funny, entertaining form letter that’s clever enough to pass initial ‘is it/isn’t it’ doubt on ‘form letter or not’, shove a personalised sentence or two at the top, and scattergun THAT.

      In all my years, I’ve had exactly one of those and it was so hilarious that I was delighted to respond (he confirmed later that it was indeed a form letter: I didn’t even care).


  2. Believe it or not there are a lot of women on FL who do the same to me. I also get the occassional dic pick despite my profile. I once responded back with a dic pic myself claiming it was mine and acting excited to hear back from him. He never bothered me again lol

    Ive never tried kik.


    1. I believe it.

      I think I signed up for kik, but I’ve never used it. I think for many of the youngsters it’s first and foremost a sexting app :).


  3. What a great response! I really like the way you say “I’m sure you are a decent man, and mean no harm here” before the advice. Education without denigration!

    If he actually *IS* decent man, he just leaned a valuable lesson and if not, well… I doubt he’ll be back. In any case, it’s a win for you

    1. I can tell the ones who at least TRY. The fact that he acknowledged something about me other than ‘Domme, female’ means he did look further than most.

      Many new submissives genuinely have no idea how they come across. Astounding but true.

      Truth be told, I have a lot more patience for the younger ones than the older ones. I expect the latter to know better.


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