My sent emails LII

Hello Scandinavian_fellow,
legs w cuff

Thank you for your email. You are in Norway, so I doubt you will be able to offer me anything that I want.

Feel free to contact me again when you have moved to Australia and are within reasonable travelling distance to actually have a relationship.

You said: “i’ll attach a picture so You see who i am.”

That is a photo of Stilrobin Fröström, and I don’t for a second believe that’s you. If you are going to show photos of someone else and pretend it’s you, then I suggest you find an image that is more obscure.

Best of luck.


Note: You can see a lovely series of photos of Stilrobin Fröström taken by Benjamin Falk here.

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  1. Call me stupid (you won’t be the first), but exactly what does the guy hope to get out of lying. Set aside how easily the lie could be detected, I just don’t see the purpose?

    He’s not going to move. If he does move and convinces you to meet, you’ll not only be disappointed (Though, MAYBE, he’s actually BETTER LOOKING THAN A 20 something model and you’ll be pleasantly surprised), you’ll know he’s a liar.

    Is he hoping that he can use the fake picture to get you to a first date, then so fully impress you with his winning personality and cyborg-like recollection of old vaudeville jokes?

    I just don’t see why he wasted his time?

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