My sent emails XLVII

22M, Illinois: Hello Mistress. Can you lock me up in a dog cage/confinement for a night or longer?

Me: Yes I can. Bring the cage here. To Australia. I await your arrival. Do not contact me again until you get here.

Him: How long can you keep me in a cage?

Me: YOU CONTACTED ME AGAIN, YOU RUINED [email protected]@@!!!

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My sent emails XLVI – the sex-voiced Texan

This time, I sent sex-voiced Texan a photo of a pose I liked as inspiration: casual, leaning against a wall, hat in hand, boots on, jeans, no shirt.

He sent me three pictures: two variations of that pose, and one off-script photo featuring his bound hands, the boots and hat in shot.

I am (almost literally) floored by my visceral reaction to how beautiful he is. But it’s not JUST his beauty. It’s the fact that he happily trots off to do his best to give me what I want. Then he over-achieves. Unf.

This was my reply.

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My sent emails XLV

I actually answered a personal ad by a local man that I happened across on Craigslist because it made me laugh.

I didn’t keep a copy, but it read something like this:

“This weekend I’m planning to rob a bank, steal a boat, then fake my own death.
I need a lady accomplice. Must be able to make sandwiches and have a sexy attitude.
We will escape to a private island where we will have our monkey butlers serve us pina coladas.
Are you in?”


Subject: Robbing a bank, stealing a boat, faking a death

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My sent emails XLIV

From 29M sub:
Subject: please talk me about ur sex

please talk me about ur sex


Me: is the sexiest sex that ever sexed when sexy sexing was required


Him: bitch


Me: Mmhmmm

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My sent emails XLIII

Polite enough email exchange with a 28yo who claims to be serious about wanting a long term D/s relationship. He lives in New York. No, Seattle. He’s 6′. No, 5’10. Whatever.


Hello Ron,

We’re done here.

Miss Pearl is a friend of mine and you are obviously an emotionally unhinged liar.

Don’t contact me again.



Want an explanation? All righty then.


Edited to add: Here’s a follow up from Miss Pearl including the charming missive that was addressed to her but that our mutual friend cc’d me in on so that I wouldn’t feel left … Continue Reading

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Sent emails XLII – On audio porn

Subject: Oh. My. God.

Holy fuck that was hot. Wow.

I love that you said my name, I love that you begged a little, I love that you delayed (‘not yet, not yet’). So sexy, all of it.

I should have recorded my reaction.


Thank you.


I want more. I always want more. Greedy.

Send me your moans, your breathy whispers, your desperation, your sounds of pleasure: Details here.… Continue Reading

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Sent emails XLI: A balloon fetish

I replied to a personal ad offering chores in return for blowing up balloons. It was so unusual it caught my eye.

The honesty in his ad, which presented a pretty straightforward transactional exchange, was actually much more refreshing than the ‘NSA housework’ ones with hidden agendas.

I was honest about being more curious than interested, but you never know.


I saw your ad and I was curious if you wouldn’t mind indulging me.

I should say up-front that I am very cautious about allowing a stranger into my house, so I am not sure if I am really … Continue Reading

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