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I sent this after a couple of exchanges where I addressed his ‘online cam slave looking for a mistress’ inquiry by suggesting he look for a reputable pro-Domme who can serve his desires.

Hello ‘slave’,

“But I don’t want a pro domme I want to be with one mistress in a fulfilling relationship”

This is a ridiculous statement given you’ve already explained what you want, and it’s this:

“I’m an online cam slave seeking a mistress I have few limits and I’m into degrading tasks on cam”
“she’ll (for example) [do this sexy thing to me do that sexy thing to me do this other sexy thing to me me me me meeeee]

Your issue is that you don’t understand what a ‘fulfilling relationship’ looks like: It is not ‘getting on cam and doing stuff to your junk’. How you can’t see that is baffling to me.

I assume you are a grown man who’s MET women before. Maybe you have a mother, a sister, some female friends, work/school acquaintances. Do you think they would ever say ‘Oh, I have such a fulfilling relationship with my partner, he gets on cam and plays with his cock. SO fulfilling! It’s everything I ever dreamed of!’

It’s a silliness.

I can’t help you more than I already have. My advice stands.


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