My sent emails LVI

I normally don’t give context for these, but this one needs context.

I had literally not heard from this submissive in 9 months. In our last correspondence he’d said he would be up my way soon and I said I’d consider meeting. He’d also said he’d done a reading and offered to send it to me. Then he never followed up with either of those. In fact, I never heard from him again.

I didn’t care much, I wasn’t invested: It’s par for the course and I thought no more of it.

But he contacted me again NINE MONTHS LATER, a warm friendly email that included him saying, guess what? That he would be up my way soon and that he had done the reading and would I like it.

I pointed out the silliness of this given the fact that he disappeared last time after saying the exact same thing. I said I wasn’t interested.

To his credit, he did apologise, but then he painstakingly pointed out how he DID do the recording and perhaps he was too subtle in saying it, and he copy and pasted that bit back to me as if I was some kind of idiot with a reading comprehension problem, and I lost my shit.

Did you just point out to me, in your defence, that you just did a recording for me NINE MONTHS after you offered it. As if I didn’t read that and understand it? You just seriously and sincerely defended yourself with that?


I don’t understand people. Why are you all so fucking weird?

You, nine months ago: I do have a reading to read for you if you’re interested.
Me: Sure, send on the reading.

Me yesterday: Meh, you said you’d do a reading and you didn’t, so nah.

What the everloving fuck is that logic?

Doing something NINE MONTHS LATER is not defensible with ‘But… I did it, see?’

Come on!

And this, Dave, is why I’m single.

. . .

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