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Hello One-Line-Email-Guy-Who-Wants-Me-To-‘Use Him’-Online,

On the remote possibility that you’re open to learning.

Dominant women on these sites get a million of these emails a day from random strangers who, let’s be honest, want to wank.

A one line email from some random dude (with nothing appealing in his profile, no photos, no site activity, or any hint that he’s going to be awesome) wanting online play is not a thing that is even remotely appealing. And if a dominant woman WAS jonesing for some random stranger to wank for them, they’d most likely find some 25yo with a body like a god who’s going to shake it on cam for them and who is capable of being charming and articulate and entertaining while doing it.

The only positive responses you are going to get from this approach are from other dudes pretending to be women, from pay-to-play dommes, and from scammers. No actual-for-real lifestyle dominant is going to go for this.

If you want a positive response, you have to be someone who women are going to WANT to play with, and a one line email ain’t gonna do it.


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  1. WOW !!

    This lockwdown situation is so sad, bad we have an opportunity to know a other people with similar Kinky intertest !!

    I am very interested to know a woman that want to play a dominant role with me !!

    best regards

  2. Yeah, the stuff my Owner and several of our female friends, especially of the dominant persuasion, get in their Fetlife inboxes is rubbish not even worth the landfill

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