My sent emails XLV

I actually answered a personal ad by a local man that I happened across on Craigslist because it made me laugh.

I didn’t keep a copy, but it read something like this:

“This weekend I’m planning to rob a bank, steal a boat, then fake my own death.
I need a lady accomplice. Must be able to make sandwiches and have a sexy attitude.
We will escape to a private island where we will have
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My sent emails XLIV

From 29M sub:
Subject: please talk me about ur sex

please talk me about ur sex


Me: is the sexiest sex that ever sexed when sexy sexing was required


Him: bitch


Me: Mmhmmm

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My sent emails XLIII

Polite enough email exchange with a 28yo who claims to be serious about wanting a long term D/s relationship. He lives in New York. No, Seattle. He’s 6′. No, 5’10. Whatever.


Hello Ron,

We’re done here.

Miss Pearl is a friend of mine and you are obviously an emotionally unhinged liar.

Don’t contact me again.



Want an explanation? All righty then.


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Sent emails XLII – On audio porn

Subject: Oh. My. God.

Holy fuck that was hot. Wow.

I love that you said my name, I love that you begged a little, I love that you delayed (‘not yet, not yet’). So sexy, all of it.

I should have recorded my reaction.


Thank you.


I want more. I always want more. Greedy.

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Sent emails XLI: A balloon fetish

I replied to a personal ad offering chores in return for blowing up balloons. It was so unusual it caught my eye.

The honesty in his ad, which presented a pretty straightforward transactional exchange, was actually much more refreshing than the ‘NSA housework’ ones with hidden agendas.

I was honest about being more curious than interested, but you never know.


I saw your ad and I was curious if you wouldn’t mind indulging me.… Continue Reading

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My sent emails XL: On younger men

I guessed his age at late 20s: He’d just turned 30. He made a joke about his immaturity giving it away. Which was amusing, but entirely untrue. He’s an articulate, smart, engaging man who has only been in my inbox for a very short while, but already I enjoy him a lot.

It’s interesting, the age thing. I’ve written various pieces about it before, but my guessing relatively accurately how old he was led me … Continue Reading

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Kissing date

Kissing date: A date designed with the sole objective of kissing.

This is a completely different thing from a traditional date where the objective is ‘getting to know you’ or ‘doing something together’ or ‘sharing a meal’ or a combination of any of those things, where there *might* be some kissing at some stage if all goes well.

A kissing date is JUST FOR KISSING. I’m liking this idea for a whole bunch of … Continue Reading

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