My sent emails XL: On younger men

I guessed his age at late 20s: He’d just turned 30. He made a joke about his immaturity giving it away. Which was amusing, but entirely untrue. He’s an articulate, smart, engaging man who has only been in my inbox for a very short while, but already I enjoy him a lot.

It’s interesting, the age thing. I’ve written various pieces about it before, but my guessing relatively accurately how old he was led me to think a little more about how I knew.

I explained it like this:

…(generalisation warning…) some younger men have a quality about them that Continue Reading

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Kissing date

Kissing date: A date designed with the sole objective of kissing.

This is a completely different thing from a traditional date where the objective is ‘getting to know you’ or ‘doing something together’ or ‘sharing a meal’ or a combination of any of those things, where there *might* be some kissing at some stage if all goes well.

A kissing date is JUST FOR KISSING. I’m liking this idea for a whole bunch of reasons. Not least of which is: kissing!

With most dates, there is an initial attraction that made you want to go on the date, but … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXIX – OKCupid version

The OKCupid version (yes, I joined a vanilla dating site: more on this later!).

These are random emails I have sent out to men whose profiles I liked (as opposed to replies to emails that landed in my inbox).

To be clear, the first three were not potential matches: I just like to send out compliments to people when I see something interesting. It’s fun to say sweet things to people. It’s also stress free and you just never know what sort of conversations you might strike up out of a random compliment thrown into the void.


To local Continue Reading

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Him: Since my face is there [on a profile he just shared with me] I’ll note I am 23 years young, so hold your ‘potential’ horses. *smile*

Me: [after taking a look] Well aren’t you adorable *smile*!
I had picked you for much older when you first commented – you seem to have an easy confidence that generally comes with maturity (not age, necessarily).
I halted the horses. Anyway, how do you know they were even out, hmmm?

Him: I just knew.
(Thank you *beam*)

Me: *laugh* I will neither confirm nor deny that they were or were not out, … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXVIII

Hello Dave,

Thank you for the compliments, I do appreciate it. And it’s such a shame, I really liked your approach. You seem smart, funny, and possibly awesome.

But here’s the thing: You have lied to me once already. So now I can’t believe anything you say.

I gave you a chance to tell me that the torso shot is not of you. I know it’s a shot of Channing Tatum. I had hoped that you would just say so when I asked. Instead you pretended it was you.

I don’t know why you did that, but a lie … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXVII

[The following email was in response to my personal ad on a site that allows you to choose your kinks from drop down lists. I did not choose any.]

From: 23yo_femdom_who_I_don’t_know:

“I would have thought ‘having your shit together’ – on your part – included being capable of listing your kinks.”

Hello 23yo_femdom_who_I_don’t_know,

I think you are confusing ‘being capable of’ with ‘wanting to’. Easy mistake to make if you aren’t all that bright.

I’d also reconsider your criteria for assessing whether someone has their shit together or not if I were you. Seriously, if you consider selecting a … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXVI

I specify in my (three sentence) profile that I do not accept chat invites. I have never heard from this person before.

22M, no location listed: But you accept skype video chat?

Me: No, not interested. – Ferns

Him: Ok can we chat on IM?

Me: If it has the word ‘chat’ in it: No.

For all I know you are boring as fuck (goodness knows your approach is indeed as boring as fuck) and I have better things to do than spend time in some chat window with some stranger to find out if that’s true.

I don’t understand … Continue Reading

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