A date with my First

Next weekend my First is flying in to spend the weekend.

He’s arriving on Saturday morning, staying nearby overnight, and heading off Sunday. He’s hired a car, so there’ll be no picking him up at the airport in fabulous heels and doing that squinty-confused face where I’m terrified I won’t recognise him.

In fact, we’re meeting at my gym (not kidding!). He’s a gym-head from way back (his body reflects this… phew!) and I asked him to put together a new program for me since I’m stagnating with what I’m doing now.

So we’ll reintroduce ourselves with him walking me through some brutal awfulness that he’s designed to kick me out of my half-arsed maintenance mode. I guess it’s not a bad thing that he will get to re-meet me gymified (for those not in the know, that is SO a word, and it means ‘dressed in unflattering gym gear while being whiny, grunty, sweaty, and red-faced’): I think that the first hour or so together should shatter any idealistic fantasies of me that his memory may have embellished over the years…

He has sweetly said that he wants to take me out on a date: “The sort of date we never really had in that previous millennia” (honestly, I can’t remember where (or how or if) we used to ‘go out’ back in the day). That sounds just lovely *happy sigh*, and I’ve booked what I hope will be a great restaurant for the Saturday night.

There WILL be champagne because I have some (duh!) and he has asked what my favourite is (best question EVER!) so I assume he’s bringing some also. Other than that, we will just see.

We haven’t talked much over the last couple of months: We pretty much sorted our history out, and we were both busy getting on with our lives, so the intensity of communication has cooled since the flurry of revelations and resurfacing feelings. I think that’s probably a good thing for a fresh reintroduction to each other.

Neither of us has any expectations about how it will go. For me, I’m just so curious. He was so young when we knew each other, I’m interested to learn who he is now. If there is a frisson of attraction between us, that would be fun to play with a little, but he’s in an open relationship and I really (really) don’t share well with others, so that’s a natural barrier to any potential that might be there.

I’m hoping that we have so much to talk about that we will wonder where the time went and be reluctant to part ways when he has to leave. Though I promise, I WILL make sure I get my guest some food this time…

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  1. Have a great time. I am hoping to meet a new prospect for dinner Sunday evening. I’ve had some disappointments recently, so I’m practicing setting low expectations.

    1. I’m usually the queen of setting low expectations because boy do I hate being disappointed. HATE!

      I do hope your meeting goes well. Sending lots of good vibes your way.


    1. Thanks for that *smile*.

      You made me think of the difference between low expectations and no expectations. Subtle, but definitely there.


  2. Just chill and enjoy every instant as it flows into the next.

    Expectation is the wrecking ball that trashes any preconceived notion that you’ve built up.

    Enjoy the moment and there’s nothing to be knocked down.

    Professor Analogy
    Anal Department
    Buggerington University

  3. You’ve seen through my cunning plan, to disarm you of your intimidatory heels and take you to a place where the infliction of pain is mine to control! (at least until you pout and stomp your feet and give me the “but I don’t wanna do sumo deadlifts” line).

    After that, well, the script is unwritten.

    1. @HerFirst

      Handy tip, HF: she’s a softy. She really is. You will have a lovely time with her and I am more jealous than I can describe.

      Sir Puppington Lothian.

      1. @SPL

        I know she’s a softy, but shush!! We can’t acknowledge things like that on here: it might ruin her street cred!

        For the public record, this weekend for me is not about catching up with an ex, nor about meeting a Dominant woman. It’s about spending time with someone who has become a close and valuable friend over the last six months. Those other two aspects are neither forgotten nor ignored, they’re just not my primary motivations.

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