Dating: Hope vs Delusion

My American boyfriend*, DualDrew, wrote an interesting piece about personal ads and dating profiles: Hope or Delusion? The Modern Kinky Personal Ad. Go read it.

My comment got too long over there, so I’m posting it here instead.

I’m going to take issue with the opinion Drew floated about hypocrisy and the idea that I have to BE what I want in order to be allowed to want it (i.e. I see no … Continue Reading

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Still single, just sayin’

I’ve been getting cute little congratulations about this very misleading post.

It’s super sweet and I do appreciate that people are happy about my apparent coupledom.


In case you missed it, Drew is gay. Like Double Gold Star gay, as gay as the day is long (and I mean days-at-the-North-Pole-in-the-middle-of-summer kind of long). Still, I’m putting together a registry for cute couples gifts. Because yes :P.

All that to say: Come at … Continue Reading

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My fabulous American boyfriend

We don’t get to see each other often, and we never have enough time together.

But he reminds me of all the good things in the world. And every moment we spend together is a gift.

Champagne and hugs and intimate chat.

More of all of those please.

Edited to add: More about my (gay!) American boyfriend here and here…… Continue Reading

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Meeting with my American boyfriend…

I’ve spent time with him before but it’s rare and precious. I picked Drew up from the airport around noon, and we started with lunch and drinks here:


Then we went to my place for champagne and lots of talks and secret-telling.

He let me handle his gorgeous chastity device: the Axel by Steelwerks:

Steelwerks chastity device

And this is the key to his chastity device around my neck. It’s beautiful and it suits me, no?

Conversation … Continue Reading

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Meeting DualDrew

So I met a cute boy on the weekend.

Something that always stresses me out when meeting someone off the internet is the fear of not recognising them despite having exchanged photos. I hate it.

Photos are never enough to be sure (really, before meeting someone, we should exchange photos of ourselves looking a bit unsure and confused because THAT’S the expression we’re all wearing when we’re eyeing off strangers and thinking ‘Is that them? … Continue Reading

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