A date, a sexy sexy* date

Y’all know how rare it is for me to have a date, so, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

I contacted him on a BDSM dating site about 6 weeks ago. His profile was scant, no photo, but for some reason I still liked it and sent him a cute note. He replied with enthusiastic sweetness.

There are a couple of things about him that fall outside what I would normally go for, but he quietly and insistently argued with me about the one that I considered a show stopper. He was convincing.

I was amused and impressed by his polite self-advocacy.
“You’re in sales, aren’t you?”
“I am :)”


He’s a sweetheart, a newbie, with some of those lovely innate submissive qualities that fit so well with me. He also has an optimistic enthusiasm that pushes up against my reserved caution and I really enjoy that.

He’s not local, but he is in-country, which is about as good as it gets for me.

He’s flying in this weekend for a two day first date.

I know he will be lovely, he’s one of the good ones. The big question is whether we can light a spark.

So we will see…

*I may be overstating the situation** with the ‘sexy sexy’, but sometimes you just gotta do it
**Definitely overstating the situation… :P

Edited to add: How did it go? Read about it here :).

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  1. Ms. Fern, It’s been six weeks ago since you met and chatted with the “guy” on the BDSM website then I’m assuming that you know a little about him and he knows that you’re a dominant women who will take control of him to the point that he follows all your commands in order to fulfill your every need, want or desire and in return you will do the same for him to the point that after your time together that he’ll totally commit/serve you unconditionally as your personal servant for as long as you vow to stay together. I hope everything works out and you two become inseparable. Good Luck And YOU GO GIRL!!! Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes.

      Though someone to ‘commit/serve you unconditionally as your personal servant’ is not what I’m looking for in a submissive partner, I appreciate the sentiment :).


  2. “Y’all”? Is that a USA southern non-accent or an Australian non-accent?

    Hoping you have an enjoyable time, regardless of outcome.

    1. Obviously it’s an Australian non-accent putting on a USA southern accent!

      And thank you, I’m sure we will have a most enjoyable time, regardless of the outcome :).


  3. Yayayayayayayay!

    I guess I stopped in to say yay! I know I don’t stop in much anymore. I’ve become a hermit in more ways than one.

  4. Wishing you both well! Who knows, this date may end up in “Happy Femdom Stories v2” ;)

    Crazy idea question. Hollywood buys the movie right to Happy Femdom Stories v2 and uses your story as one of the vignettes in the movie. Who do you want to play you?

    1. Thank you for the good wishes :).

      “Who do you want to play you?”

      Ooh… Cate Blanchett, not just because swoonworthy + Australian + blonde + age appropriate-ish (though all of those things), but because she does both ice cold and incredibly vulnerable so very well.


  5. Good luck, Ferns.

    I recall a description of dating as being an extended audition. If I may be so bold to ask, will the audition include taking “control of him”?

  6. Come on, luv, how did it go?

    Guessing it was either a cracking meet up or so wank you’ve spent the week eating chips fried in lard and sitting around in your dressing gown watching snooker.


    Disappointment’s constant companion

    1. I will get to that post :).

      Suffice it to say I am not eating chips fried in lard and sitting around in my dressing gown watching snooker :).

      I’m currently visiting with my sister and we are busy!


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