Meeting with my American boyfriend…

I’ve spent time with him before but it’s rare and precious.¬†I picked Drew¬†up from the airport around noon, and we started with lunch and drinks here:


Then we went to my place for champagne and lots of talks and secret-telling.

He let me handle his gorgeous chastity device: the Axel by Steelwerks:

Steelwerks chastity device

And this is the key to his chastity device¬†around my neck. It’s beautiful¬†and it suits me, no?

Conversation was fun and animated and ridiculous and thoughtful and wide-ranging. If you think we might have talked about you: we probably did.

I kissed his lips, his cheek, and his sweet sweet bald head… Aw yeah!!

He’s a stunningly¬†lovely man and I’m so glad¬†that he made the time and effort to come and spend time with me. I’m a lucky woman.

*happy sigh*

Edited to add: Drew has written a much more articulate and lovely post about our get together here on his blog. You can see why he’s my American boyfriend…

Loves: 10
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