Meeting a cute boy

I rarely meet people off the internet unless they are potential partners.

I’m not a friendly person: I hate meeting people, and I hate socialising, so unless there’s a chance of at LEAST getting some kissing out of it, I’m not interested.

I made an exception for the lovely switch because, well, he was so very lovely. I also made an exception for climbing boy, because he was super sweet and local. With both of them, we had been e-friends for quite some time before I agreed to meet them. Simply put, I liked them, and our conversations prior … Continue Reading

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Meeting with a submissive man

We had been emailing/chatting for some 12 months (he checked yesterday: his first email to me was 1st September last year). Perhaps we had some voice calls also, I forget.

He’s a local boy, sweet and smart, quite a bit younger than me. Our contact was on and off, he developed a crush, but he’s not a potential. He’s partnered and his relationship was messy. Even meeting for a friendly chat over coffee made me uncomfortable, so I refused to do it. Plus, if you are a regular reader here you would know that I really hate meeting people and … Continue Reading

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Kissing date mark II

I didn’t want to talk about this until it was a SURE THING. Because, well, you know.

But since I’m posting this as I walk out the door to meet him, unless he’s a no show (he won’t be), fuck yeah, kissing date!

Holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes kept in casual touch after cancelling our kissing date (as he said pointedly to me, he DID offer dinner and a chat instead to which I replied that that’s like offering a nice salad with low fat dressing to someone who was expecting a roomful of chocolate).

We exchanged a few innocuous friendly emails that … Continue Reading

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Dating… ugh

I can’t remember the last time I went on a normal ‘date’.

You know what I mean: A ‘hey let’s go out and see if there’s anything here’ kind of date, all casual-like and low risk.

My last two dates have been ‘hey, let’s spend lots of money, organise some international flights, find some accommodation, travel for 20+ hours, spend several weeks together and see if there’s anything here’ kind of dates.

No pressure, right?

So I have a date of the first type this week (I know! Call the news channels!!).

Since I’ve gone from 100% success rate (and … Continue Reading

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Post-meeting update

I want to write a lot in the calm after meeting bambi yesterday (calm because it is the morning of the next day, and he is still in bed (in the spare bedroom, to clarify…)), but my thoughts are all scattered. Good-scattered though, all snippets of lovely things that I am not able to grab a firm hold of just yet.


  • There is a really strong attraction between us, which was my biggest ‘if’ factor for the face-to-face meeting
  • We are *so* kiss-compatible it makes my head spin and my mouth ache (literally, my mouth is sore from hours
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A weekend: The Domme and the lovely switch

The lovely switch and I had a day and a half together in Sydney. I flew in on Friday, and he arrived on Saturday morning, after the ungodly long flight from the US.

Our first conversation went something like this:

*ring ring*
Me: Hello! Welcome to Australia!!
Him: *laughing* Thank you!! Happy to be here!!

*some pleasantries*

Him: So I’m at the hotel, I’m showered, all clean and lovely, shall I come to you? I had a look at the map and it’s just down the road and…
Me: Wait…
Him: … it’s not far so I can be there … Continue Reading

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First Meeting Part II

Continued from here: First Meeting

“I was scared to death to be suddenly naked in your apartment, yes, scared to be starting, scared that you are so pretty, scared that I might fail you or not be what you want. And I will be scared again and again probably Ma’am when I am with you.”

I have him stand in the centre of the room, hands clasped behind his head. I walk around him touching him a little, I take my time. He starts to breath heavily, he is so nervous.

“I’m scared,” he whispers to me.

I kick his … Continue Reading

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