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On October 7th, I posted about this being my challenge wall.

Today I made this wall my bitch. Twice.

The second because the first time I fucked it up before I even got to the overhang and fell off twice, so even though I eventually made it to the top, it was ungainly and awkward and Not Good Enough. A few weeks ago I’d have been too spent after … Continue Reading

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Holy fucking what? Crossfit

In the fine tradition of having ZERO femdom or sex content on a femdom sex blog, here’s another post with no femdom and no sex…

I mentioned that I had gone to two weeks of ‘intro to crossfit’ classes. Those 6 sessions were about teaching the moves and proper form and getting used to the format. So there was talk, practice, and then getting in a 10-15 minute workout.

If you don’t know what crossfit is, it’s a particular kind of ‘old school’ workout regime with basic moves and equipment like the kind you might have done before high tech … Continue Reading

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So how’s the body, Ferns?

I haven’t talked about my body project for a while. There are a few reasons for that, but the main one is that I’ve been in a kind of ‘maintenance mode’ for quite a while and that’s boring to write about.

No further gains, in fact, something of a slip from what I consider my peak.

The main reason for the flattening out is that I realised that for all of the work I was doing (and at the high point, it was a LOT, including seriously good eating and protein loading), I really wasn’t getting my body into … Continue Reading

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A long overdue body project update

I haven’t talked about my body project since 13th January, so let me catch you up.

I worked my arse off from April 2012 for some 18 months until August last year. I was posting pretty regular bicep shots as progress reports (you can see them in the sidebar over here), and you can see the overall results on the right there. I’m pretty happy with myself (but never happy enough!) *smile*.

But I realised in looking at the photos, and the work that I put in to get there, that unless I wanted to expend a … Continue Reading

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Workout crew – end of week update

At the beginning of the week, each of the Ferns workout crew members made a commitment to do a certain number of workouts for the week.

Let’s see how see all went against our goals shall we? *puts on glasses, gets out evaluation sheets*

Ferns – 3
DONE! Not my best work with rather light weights and low intensity, but I have a lovely muscle soreness going on, and I went, so a total win!

Peroxide – 4
THREE OUT OF FOUR. It’s a great start (also, it was his birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peroxide!!)

slapshot – 3
DONE! Despite … Continue Reading

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Workout crew – into the new year!

I’m trying something new to kick the Ferns Workout Crew (#fwocrew) into the new year.

I took a look at all of our public workout logs over the weekend and noticed a distinct lack of activity for most of us (me included) in the last few (erm… many?!) weeks. Completely understandable of course: I mean, holidays, Christmas, food, booze, travel etc. Mysticlez218 has been the standout with consistently awesome gym-going and good eating habits.

So this week, I’ve asked all of my esteemed workout buddies to commit to a number of workouts for the week. I’m posting it … Continue Reading

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Back shot

Do you know how hard it is to show off back muscles? Yeah, really hard.

Still, I managed it by pretending to do lat pullups on some outdoor equipment in the park.

So, RAAWWWRRRR!!!… Continue Reading

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